Now travel without passport, boarding pass at Dubai International Airport

The biometric system applies to all expatriates, UAE citizens and visitors

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What to do if you lose your passport in the UAE

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has introduced a cutting-edge biometric system, enabling travellers to embark on their journey without a passport or boarding pass, media reported.

Implementing the biometric system is in line with Dubai’s push to offer innovative, hassle-free travel services that align with the directives of the UAE’s leadership to integrate technology into government services, improving the quality of life.

Passport-free travel

According to Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqiti, Assistant General Director of the Airport Passport Affairs Sector, passengers can travel without the need to present their passports or identity cards, as they will be authorized through a biometric system, a report in Gulf News said.

The newly implemented biometric system utilizes a combination of facial and iris recognition technology at the Dubai airport, enabling passengers to pass through without using their passport or ID, removing the need for human intervention.

The biometric system applies to all expatriates, citizens of the UAE, and visitors who have had their information registered with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) since 2019.

The biometric information of travellers is stored on the system of the GDRFA for future travels.

Dubai airport smart gates

Passengers can clear passport control in a “matter of seconds” via the “enhanced Smart Gates” that feature a contactless process.

Dubai airport launched the ‘smart travel’ system that enables passengers to travel without using their identification documents in February 2021.

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