Dubai passengers will soon be able to travel without passport and visa

by Tanvir Awan
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Dubai’s boundless innovation is reshaping the way you travel. Imagine strolling through the Dubai airport without the need for passports, visas or any travel documents. It’s no longer a futuristic fantasy, it’s a vision on the verge of becoming reality, as unveiled by Emaratech, a cutting-edge integrated solutions provider at the Gitex Global being held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai.

Emaratech is collaborating closely with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA) to bring this remarkable project to life.

Travel Without Passport, Visa

At the check-in counter, travellers will undergo a swift, hassle-free process. Their photos will be captured, and their facial features scanned. Their comprehensive travel itinerary and information will be readily available, making luggage check-in a breeze.

The magic doesn’t stop there. These photos will continue to serve a purpose throughout the entire journey. Upon reaching immigration, travellers won’t need to queue up at a counter, they can proceed directly to the smart gate, with their photo and face ID serving as the only required proof.

This convenience extends to duty-free shopping and boarding gates, where facial recognition and biometrics will validate their identity. Provided there are no security issues, visa problems or outstanding fines, travel through Dubai Airport will be a breeze.

While the timeline for full implementation remains uncertain,  Ahmed Bahaa, the product manager behind the seamless check-in service at Emaratech, has said that the smart gate is already operational for immigration at Dubai Airport.

However, discussions with Emirates airlines, Dubai Airport, and immigration authorities are ongoing for the check-in and boarding gate aspects.


Emaratech, on its part, has equipped all the hardware and systems necessary to make this vision a reality, ensuring a seamless experience for travellers. The hope is to see this transformation in airports sooner rather than later.

In a similar vein, Emirates airline officials have announced their intent to allow passengers to use their identity for seamless check-in and boarding by the end of the year.

Dubai Airports, too, is diligently working on the project, incorporating cutting-edge biometric technology, which is currently undergoing trials at Dubai International Airport.

The future is knocking at the gates of Dubai, and it’s all about streamlining your travel experience through the power of smart technology.

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