Now you can check price and information of medicines through WhatsApp in UAE

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check price and information of medicines thorough WhatsApp in UAE

The UAE’s health ministry has launched a new 24\7 WhatsApp service featuring a registered medical products directory, in yet another significant leap towards digitization and patient empowerment.

The service will be accessible through smart devices, making essential healthcare information readily available around the clock from credible sources.

Individuals can subscribe to the service, accessible 24/7, by adding the number 0097142301221 to their contact list on the “WhatsApp” application and sending welcoming words in English like “Hi” to engage directly with the service and view the available options.

The integration of this feature into WhatsApp aims to streamline access to crucial data and improve the overall customer experience.

The new service was unveiled during Gitex Global, currently taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16 to 20.

It comes as part of the health ministry’s ongoing efforts to bolster public health awareness, empower individuals with precise information regarding suitable medications, promote adherence to treatment plans, and minimise medication errors.

It also comes in line with ministry’s endeavours to promote its stature as a leading digital health government entity and a pioneer in the constant development of customer-centric services.

Through the directory, the ministry seeks to provide a comprehensive list of medicines and medical products that have been officially registered through the ministry’s website.

Medicines Details through WhatsApp

With this service, users can easily inquire about medicines registered in the UAE and obtain detailed information about each drug, including its name, active ingredients, pharmaceutical form, package size available in the country, and selling price.

By enhancing transparency and confidence in pharmaceutical products, it helps patients make informed health decisions as per their needs and doctors’ directives.

Both patients and healthcare providers can thereby access market-approved medical products to fulfil their requirements.

The new initiative reflects the ministry’s keenness to enhance healthcare quality and foster health awareness within the community.

Available via, the service is unique for being easily accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Innovative Digital Services

Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, emphasized that the newly introduced service is part of a suite of projects and initiatives launched by the ministry to ensure comprehensive, innovative, and proactive health services based on digital data for all societal segments and to furnish institutional services within an efficient, effective digital framework.

check price and information of medicines thorough WhatsApp in UAE

“The medical products directory also facilitates easier access for medical professionals and pharmacists to view registered and licensed medicines, searchable by trade or scientific name. The newly developed interactive platform, available in English, offers a distinctive experience aligned with international best practices,” Al Dashti added.

Enhancing Customer Experience

He highlighted that the service significantly enhances customer experience by catering to their needs swiftly and simply, around the clock. It aligns with the latest technical advancements, adhering to the standards set by smart government enablers, to cope with the growing demand for the Ministry’s services.

By utilizing WhatsApp, one of the most pivotal and widely used applications across all societal segments, the service extends its reach to a vast number of customers.

This initiative not only makes essential medicine information more accessible than ever but also reflects our continual commitment to bolstering the health and wellbeing of our community, Al Dashti stated.

Rights of Patients

The newly launched initiative is a product of collaboration between the Ministry and health authorities, aligning with the UAE government’s commitment to advancing and safeguarding the rights of patients.

It also underscores the government’s dedication to delivering all necessary services to enhance patients’ capabilities and facilitate their integration into society.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the ministry offers a series of services via WhatsApp including applying for birth certificates, tracking their application status, and attesting both vacation and sick leave request issued by licensed health facilities within the country.

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