UAE residency, ID card and visa fees explained

by Staff Reporter
UAE visa fees

The UAE has recently unveiled updated service fees for various procedures managed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). These fees apply to a range of services including visas, residency permits, and identity cards.

Here’s a breakdown of the key fees:

UAE visa fees

  • Visit Visa (Single Trip): Dhs200 (visa fee) + Dhs100/month (issuance fee)
  • Visit Visa (Multiple Trips): Dhs300 (visa fee) + Dhs200/month (issuance fee)
  • Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa (5 years): Dhs600
  • Entry Visa for Sailors (Single Trip, 7 days): Dhs100
  • Entry Visa for Indian Nationals (Regular Passport Holders): Dhs100 (extendable for Dhs250)

UAE residency permits

  • Green Residency Visa (Work): Dhs200
  • Residency without Work: Dhs200
  • Golden Residency Visa (Several Trips, 6 months): Dhs1,100
  • GCC Nationals (Single Trip): Dhs200
  • Foreign Companions of GCC Nationals (Single Trip): Dhs150
  • Amendment of Residency Status: Dhs500

Other Services

  • Transit Visa (Single Trip, 96 hours): Dhs100
  • Transit Visa (Single Trip, 48 hours): Dhs50
  • Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers (Annual): Dhs5,000
  • Temporary Work Permit: Dhs300 + Dhs200/month (issuance fee)
  • New Regular Passport: Dhs50
  • Replacement or Lost/Damaged Passport: Dhs300
  • Naturalization Fee: Dhs1,000 per person

Identity cards

  • ID Card Renewal (Citizens, GCC Nationals): Dhs100 (5 years)
  • ID Card Renewal (Residents): Dhs100/year
  • Replacement ID Card: Dhs300

Guarantees and fines

  • Guarantee for Entry Visa: Dhs1,000 – Dhs3,000
  • Fines: Up to Dhs50/day for overstay, Dhs20/day for late reporting or renewal, and varying fines for other violations.

Understanding fees and fines in detail

The announced fees cover a wide spectrum of services essential for residents and visitors to the UAE. Whether you’re applying for a visa, renewing a residency permit, or updating your ID card, it’s crucial to be aware of these costs to effectively plan and manage your administrative needs.


For those facing fines, exemptions are available under certain circumstances, such as extended periods outside the UAE or specific residency statuses. It’s advisable to stay updated with the latest regulations to avoid unnecessary penalties.

By understanding these fee structures and regulations, individuals and establishments can navigate their obligations smoothly within the UAE’s administrative framework. For more detailed information, refer to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security’s official resources.

This guide aims to provide clarity on the updated service fees and fines, ensuring readers are well-informed and prepared for their administrative interactions in the UAE.

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