No passport, your face is now your boarding pass at Abu Dhabi airport

The biometric system enables passengers to use their face to get a boarding pass

by Tanvir Awan

No passport, no tickets, your face will be your boarding pass now. Yes, you read it right. It is going to become a reality soon as the initial phase of deploying the high-tech biometric initiative has been rolled out at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The new system will enable passengers to use their face to get a boarding pass and avail other services as well. The high-tech biometrics project is part of the UAE’s digital transformation vision.

The new system at the Abu Dhabi airport will use biometric cameras to verify the details of the passengers. It also includes self-service baggage drop, business class lounge, boarding gates and passport control.

Biometric Capabilities

The aim to deploy the new system is to enhance the passenger journey and set up Midfield Terminal Building as the first airport with biometric capabilities at all the customer touchpoints.

NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi-based technology company, will roll out its AI solutions at select self-service baggage touchpoints, boarding gates and immigration e-gates before implementing the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology across all the passenger touchpoints at the airport. NEXT50 will implement the first-of-its-kind programme in cooperation with IDEMIA and SITA.

Ibrahim Al Mannaee, CEO of NEXT50, said that the Abu Dhabi airport will be the only one in the region with biometric solutions once the project is fully realized.

After completion of the project, it will offer passengers a simplified, contactless, hygienic and a convenient experience from “curb-to-gate.” This will also result in reduced waiting time as well as less time queuing for passengers.

MD and CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports Eng Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri said that upon completion of the project, Abu Dhabi will be the first airport in the world to include the every touchpoint in the biometric journey.

The travelers will enjoy a safe and secure passenger experience, he added.

Hani El Assaad of SITA said the latest project will enable passengers to use their faces as boarding pass all the way from check-in to boarding.

Osama Al Makharmeh, IDEMIA executive director, hailed the new project saying that the contactless biometric technology gives its users an unrivalled airport experience that helps pave the way for smoother and secure future travel.

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