9 types of leaves for private sector employees in UAE

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9 types of leaves for private sector employees in UAE

In the UAE, private sector employees, whether they are citizens or residents, have the right to different types of leaves depending on their job roles, as outlined by the UAE Digital Government.

1. Annual Leave

Employees earn 30 days of fully paid annual leave after completing one year of service. If they’ve worked between six months and one year, they earn two days of leave per month.

2. Sick Leave

Employees are entitled to sick leave if they need to recover from illness or injury. The duration varies based on company policies and the seriousness of the condition.

3. Maternity Leave

Expecting mothers can take maternity leave before and after childbirth, with the duration specified by law.

4. Parental Leave

Both parents can take leave after the birth or adoption of a child, allowing time for bonding and caregiving.

5. Compassionate Leave

Employees can take compassionate leave in case of a family member’s death, typically for a few days to attend funeral arrangements.

6. Hajj Leave

Employees planning to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage are entitled to leave for this purpose.

7. Study Leave

Employees pursuing further education may be granted leave to attend exams or courses, subject to employer approval.

8. Sabbatical Leave

Emirati employees might take sabbatical leave for national service obligations, as mandated by UAE Labour Law.

9. Official Holidays and Vacations

Additional official holidays and vacation periods as per company or government regulations.

These leaves ensure that employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance and fulfill personal obligations while contributing effectively to the workforce.


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