How to apply for re-entry permit to return to UAE after six months abroad

Residents must provide a reason for their extended stay outside of the UAE

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The UAE residents who hold a residency visa and have been outside the country for more than six months can now apply for a permit to return to the Emirates.

These individuals must provide a reason for their extended stay outside of the UAE and may need to provide supporting evidence.

Agents in the UAE have confirmed this information at travel and typing centers, who have received a notification about the change.

How to apply for re-entry permit

To apply for a permit to stay outside of the UAE for more than six months, residents can visit the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) website and apply for the service called “Issue permit for staying outside UAE over six months” under the “smart services” section.

After the application is submitted, the approval process takes about five days, and the applicant will receive an approval email from the ICP before they can re-enter the UAE.

To use the service, applicants must provide their personal information, the details of their sponsors, and passport and residency information.

One of the mandatory fields on the application form is the reason for staying outside the country for six months or more. The service requires a payment of a fee of Dhs150, which must be paid when applying.

Residency is typically cancelled automatically if its holder has been outside the UAE for 180 days.

Golden visa holders

Golden Visa holders, however, are an exception to this rule and can remain abroad for as long as needed without affecting their residency status.

In October 2022, the UAE implemented significant changes to its entry and residency visa policies. These reforms cover all aspects of residency, including the expansion of the Golden Visa scheme, the introduction of a new five-year Green residency, a multiple-entry five-year tourist visa, and job hunting entry permits.

These changes aim to attract more investors and professionals to the country and make it easier for people to visit, work and live in the UAE.


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