Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Saudi Arabia fight date confirmed

by Staff Reporter
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Saudi Arabia fight date

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will be facing off in a boxing match in Saudi Arabia on February 26, 2023, it has been confirmed.

Although the official venue has yet to be disclosed, the fighters have stated that the event will take place in Saudi Arabia on on February 26, with the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh being a potential location, as it previously hosted Anthony Joshua’s fight against Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019.

Both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury stand to earn significant sums from their upcoming match in Saudi Arabia. According to reports, Paul is expected to receive a payout of $10 million, while Fury is projected to earn around $2.5 million for the fight, regardless of its outcome.

The American YouTuber Jake Paul and the British boxer Tommy Fury, the brother of World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, have been in talks to set up this fight since the beginning of 2021.

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury

A boxing match in New York was called off in August last year due to visa issues for Tommy Fury.

“After multiple failed attempts to get Tommy Fury in the ring, the moment of truth has finally arrived.

“Fumbles has no excuses now. Baby is born. Money is massive. Immigration is not an issue. Sunday February 26, Paul vs Fury is live on ESPN+ PPV in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK.

“Tyson Fury has promised he and Papa John will make Tommy retire from boxing and change his last name forever if he can’t beat the YouTuber. Saturday (tomorrow) I’m coming to London to look at all three Fury’s in the eye and shake on that promise,” Paul said in an Instagram post.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, and professional boxer. He rose to fame through his YouTube channel, which features vlogs, comedic skits, and music videos.

He has since made appearances in films and television shows and has also turned to professional boxing, having several fights since 2020. He is also the brother of another YouTuber, Logan Paul.

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury is a British professional boxer, reality TV personality and brother of World Heavyweight Champion boxer Tyson Fury. He is best known for his appearance in the reality show Love Island.

He started his professional career in 2018 and he has been making a name for himself in the sport since then. He is currently undefeated as a professional boxer with a record of give wins with no losses.


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