Yutong honours Al Khoory Automobiles for outstanding performance

Al Khoory Automobiles is a member of Al Khoory Group of Companies

by Staff Reporter
Yutong honors Al Khoory Automobiles for outstanding performance

Al Khoory Automobiles, a member of the Al Khoory Group of Companies and exclusive distributors of Yutong buses in the UAE, received an Outstanding Performance Award from Yutong for the year 2022.

Kent Chang, Director of Yutong Overseas Distribution Sales presented the award to Hafiz Vakil, Senior General Manager of Al Khoory Automobiles in an intimate ceremony.

Speaking to the media, Kent Chang stated, “Yutong is the world’s largest bus manufacturer and are now ranked 1st in many markets with the new energy and electric buses. Yutong appreciates the continuous effort of Al Khoory Automobiles to enhance Yutong’s brand presence in the region and are proud to work with distributors like them.”

Electric buses

“Yutong has extensive plans to launch their electric buses very soon in the UAE, in line with the country’s zero-emission plan and long term vision. The new Yutong electric buses have several cutting-edge technologies for the improvement of local environment and air quality. They are also equipped with an impressive drive system and the most advanced noise reduction technology that will bring a more comfortable and greener travel experience in the UAE,” Kent added.

Kent also stated, “Electric transportation not only reduces carbon emission but provides more comfort for passengers. Yutong buses, successfully operating in the Europe, Asia and Middle East, have the best driving range on a single charge and are, hence, ideal for travel between different Emirates.”

Hafiz Vakil, Senior General Manager, Al Khoory Automobiles, thanked Yutong for the recognition and their tremendous support.

Customized transportation options

Vakil added, “Al Khoory Automobiles has five decades of vast experience in the automotive industry and are committed to provide impeccable after-sales service to all their customers. Offering customized transportation options, Al Khoory Automobiles aims to position itself as an ideal mobility solution provider in the UAE.”

Al Khoory Automobiles is a member of Al Khoory Group of Companies. Al Khoory group is one of the pioneers in automotive business in UAE, celebrating 50 years of its establishment.

On the strength of honesty, integrity, quality and commitment the group has diversified into various segments including hospitality, real estate, trading and manufacturing.

Its success is built on strict ethical standards, dynamic vision of the management, progressive trends driven by the commitment in providing excellent, creative and cost effective solutions for a better environment.


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