Ajman Bank to accept Jaywan cards across its ATM network

by Staff Reporter
Ajman Bank to accept Jaywan cards across its ATM network

Ajman Bank is among the first banks in the UAE to successfully integrate Jaywan card acceptance across its ATM network, facilitating seamless cash withdrawals for Jaywan cardholders.

The Jaywan card, launched by Al Etihad Payments, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the UAE, is designed to boost efficiency and sovereignty in the national payment landscape by promoting digital transactions in the local currency.

Mr. Mustafa Al Khalfawi, CEO of Ajman Bank said, “We are proud to be one of the first banks in the UAE to accept Jaywan cards on our ATMs. This initiative reflects our dedication to innovation and our commitment to contributing to the UAE’s domestic payments agenda. We are confident that this will enhance the payment experience for Jaywan cardholders while supporting the broader economic goals of the nation.”

Jan Pilbauer, CEO, Al Etihad Payments, said, “Jaywan has been launched in line with a vision to expand the national financial market infrastructure in the UAE.  Jaywan cards are designed to offer convenience for customers of UAE’s Licensed Financial Institutions, being progressively accepted across all payment channels – ATMs, Point of Sale, and eCommerce. Our partnership with Ajman Bank, along with other financial institutions in the UAE, marks a significant step towards enhancing convenience and accessibility for users throughout the UAE.”


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