Expats in Oman now required to exit and re-enter for work visas

by Staff Reporter
Oman suspends work visa conversion from visit visas

The Sultanate of Oman made a significant policy announcement, marking a suspension of the conversion process for various types of tourist and visit visas into work visas.

Oman suspends work visa conversion from visit visas

The Royal Oman Police, as part of its ongoing review of visa policies, declared the suspension of the practice of converting all tourist and visit visas into work visas for individuals of all nationalities entering the Sultanate of Oman. This policy adjustment brings about a change in the way expatriates entering Oman for various purposes will manage their visa transitions.

“The Royal Oman Police, within its review of the policies for obtaining some types of visas, announces the suspension of the conversion of all types of tourist and visit visas to work visas for all nationalities coming to the Sultanate of Oman,” it said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.


Previously, expatriates arriving in Oman on tourist or visit visas had the opportunity to convert these visas into employment visas, thereby allowing them to work in the country without the need to leave and re-enter the country.

However, the recent announcement brings an end to this convenience, mandating that those wishing to work in Oman will have to exit the country and then re-enter specifically on a work visa.

This policy shift is expected to have implications for expatriates and employers alike, requiring individuals seeking employment in Oman to adhere to a more structured and sequential visa application process.

Oman bans visas for Bangladeshi citizens

In addition to the visa conversion suspension, the Royal Oman Police also unveiled another update in visa regulations.

The Sultanate of Oman is suspending the issuance of any visas for Bangladeshi citizens from October 31 onwards. This move represents a shift in visa issuance policies for individuals hailing from Bangladesh.


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