France takes center stage at Intersec 2024 in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Intersec 2024

As Intersec, one of the leading events for emergency services, security, and safety, celebrates its 25th year in this region, it serves as a testament to the industry’s continuous evolution and commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, 16 leading industrial experts will gather on the French Pavilion to demonstrate their state-of-the-art solutions in two key areas: fire protection and firefighting (Hall 4), physical and perimeter security (Sheikh Saeed Hall 1).

Intersec 2024

To support the UAE’s transformation of workplace health and safety standards, marking a significant step forward in the region’s commitment to fostering safer workplaces and sustainable industries, 16 French exhibitors are part of Intersec with a diverse array of solutions.

These include EOD intervention robots, firefighting robots, and mules; mechatronic access control solutions; hypervision platforms for security, safety, and technical management systems; intelligent parking management systems; mobile data management and geo-intelligence solutions; firefighting equipment and personal protective equipment; analysis and digitization solutions for plans in power plants, dams, and industrial vehicles; as well as security engineering and industrial risk solutions.

Guided by the UAE’s initiatives, the Middle East is undergoing a transformation, redefining its core foundations. This evolution places a premium on forging alliances and agreements to fortify collective security efforts. Overcoming challenges to resilience and deterrence now hinges on fostering economic diversity, reinforcing infrastructure, ensuring effective governance, enacting inclusive policies, and fostering preparedness.

With a keen focus on technological security solutions, Intersec is positioned to showcase significant advancements in fire and rescue technologies, fostering collaboration with Dubai Civil Defence.

This collaboration is of particular interest to participating French companies who view Intersec 2024 as a pivotal platform to integrate their innovative solutions with the latest developments in the UAE’s fire and rescue sector. In addition to participants presentations, the event aspires to enrich its conference programs, notably featuring the exclusive Security Leaders’ Summit (ISLS). This summit is poised to delve into sustainable security trends and provide invaluable insights into geopolitical risk intelligence. The event’s comprehensive approach extends to the Cyber Security Conference, hosted by the UAE Cybersecurity Council, which will delve into metaverse security and Zero Trust Architecture, offering a unique opportunity for French tech security firms to align their offerings with cutting-edge discussions. Simultaneously, the Safety & Health Conference will highlight workplace safety and well-being, aligning with the holistic approach that French participants appreciate as they seek to contribute to the UAE’s advancements in collective security.

France’s robust growth

The French sector of ‘Security, Protection, Defense’ demonstrates sustained annual growth of 6%, generating an annual turnover of approximately 30 billion euros, including around 9 billion euros from exports. Major international groups such as Thales, Airbus Defence & Space, and Cegelec, along with a network of mid-size companies and SMEs, contribute to this success, with 1.7 billion euros in R&D expenses, representing 5% of the total turnover. The sector leads in mathematics, algorithms, imaging software, identification, and cybersecurity, with expertise derived from defense (radars, integration) and digital (biometrics, smart cards).

Since 2021, the French cyber landscape has received support of 1 billion euros (including 720 million euros of public funding) to foster the emergence of significant technological breakthroughs, such as advancements in the quantum and artificial intelligence domains. This support is part of the strategic plan ‘France 2030,’ endowed with 54 billion euros deployed over 5 years, aimed at enhancing industrial competitiveness and making substantial investments in future technologies.

In recent years, France has emerged as a global leader in innovation, especially in the field of cybersecurity, with numerous startups, scale-ups, and unicorns flourishing. French exhibitors at Intersec 2024 will embody this momentum.

Business France

In collaboration with the French Federation of Firefighting Trades (FFMI), the Group of French Industries in Land and Land-Air Defense and Security (GICAT), the European Defense Economic Network (EDEN), Safe Cluster and the International Security Cooperation Directorate (DCSI), the French Pavilion is operated by Business France in partnership with Air France, the main national airline of France as well as Terracotta, one of the leading manpower, corporate and PRO services in the UAE supporting companies in the United Arab Emirates. This edition is part of the ‘French Fab’ label, a symbol of the French industrial ecosystem that brings together, under one common banner, the industrial ecosystem across France, highlighting the French manufacturing expertise and providing a vision to transform the industrial base, by connecting people, generations and territories, to sustain concrete answers to today’s challenges, in France and globally.

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