Travel Genius unveils advanced travel search engine ‘Geni-us’

by Staff Reporter
Travel Genius

Travel Genius introduces Geni-us, an advanced travel search engine set to transform travel experiences for everyone, including people with specific access requirements. This AI-driven platform delivers meaningful, relevant, and highly personalised travel recommendations and itineraries tailored to individual preferences and accessibility needs.

Travel Genius ‘Geni-us’ platform

Unique to Geni-us is its unparalleled dedication to inclusive travel. As the world’s first travel map purpose-built for travellers with disabilities, Geni-us has meticulously mapped every street, beach, park, building, activity, restaurant, toilet, train station, and more, profiling them for travellers with varying levels of ability. This comprehensive database ensures that they can confidently and stress-freely plan their trips, knowing that their specific accessibility requirements are met.


Harnessing revolutionary technology, Geni-us boasts a natural language free-form search capability. With just a single search, users receive comprehensive answers to all their travel queries, ensuring that every recommendation aligns with their accessibility needs. stands as a user-friendly digital travel companion, simplifying the journey from desire to destination for all travellers.

Hannes Bos, the visionary Founder of Travel Genius with over two decades in the travel industry, said “Geni-us was conceived from a genuine need to make travel accessible and stress-free for everyone. Our commitment to inclusivity sets us apart in the industry.”

Accessible Travel and Tourism International Conference

In line with its commitment, Travel Genius became a Strategic Partner of the Accessible Travel and Tourism International Conference, taking place in Dubai on the 11 and 12 January 2024, with the aim to make the world increasingly accessible to all and shed light on the needs and expectations of millions of tourists with disabilities. Hannes Bos is also a Global Advisor of Billion Strong, a global nonprofit organisation meant to unite, elevate and empower the global community of people with disabilities.

Geni-us isn’t just another travel tool; it’s a holistic platform. By consolidating key travel questions into one intuitive map-based interface, it sets a new benchmark in personalised and accessible travel planning. Unlike other AI-driven resources, Geni-us ensures hyper-personalised, relevant suggestions that prioritise accessibility.

Travel search queries

Key to Geni-us is its unique ability to process travel search queries and interpret their intent in real-time. The platform integrates thousands of travel guides, accommodation reviews, expertly curated content, and itinerary maps, saving travellers precious research time for planning their trip, and ensuring their travel experiences match their specific needs and desires.

For leisure and business travellers alike, Geni-us guarantees optimal and inclusive travel planning, ensuring that everyone can explore the world with confidence and ease.

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