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Danube Sports World: Coaching programmes and summer camps for kids in UAE

Danube Sports World’s weekly summer camps are designed to keep your kids moving

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In the world of technology, where screens often take the spotlight, wouldn’t you love to see your kids flexing their muscles and being more active? Well, guess what? UAE’s biggest indoor sports facility-Danube Sports World, has the perfect solution for you and your energetic youngsters

Say goodbye to screen time and hello to adventure-packed summer camps! Danube Sports World’s weekly summer camps are designed to keep your kids moving, exploring, and having a blast.

From thrilling outdoor adventures to creative crafts and team games, your kids will have their muscles and minds engaged in the best possible way. Plus, they’ll forge new friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Danube Sports World Summer Camps in Dubai

Is your child a sports superstar in the making? Danube Sport’s World Coaching Classes are here to help them shine! Danube Sports World’s coaching classes for Padel, badminton, tennis, and football offer the perfect blend of tech-free physical activity and skill-building. Let your kids learn from their experienced coaches and watch as they grow in confidence, coordination, and sportsmanship. It’s a win-win situation where they can be active and learn valuable life skills.

Danube Sports World features coaching academies include the following:

  1. SMTA – Sania Mirza Tennis Academy
  2. Shuttle Zone Badminton Academy
  3. Danube Sports World Cricket Academy
  4. Racquet Science Academy – Table Tennis
  5. Little Legends

Price and Packages

Danube Sports World Price and coaching program

Free Birthday Bash at Danube Sports World

Your birthday month just got a whole lot cooler thanks to Danube Sports World, the UAE’s largest indoor sports facility. Celebrate your birthday month with a smash by engaging in an exciting game of Badminton with a squad of three, absolutely FREE! Yes, you heard us right!

But that’s not all, Danube Sports World is taking things up a notch. You will even receive a customized t-shirt with your name and lucky number—a stylish keepsake from your special day. It gets even better! If your booking falls within your birthday week, they will be treating you to a delightful fresh juice to keep you refreshed and energized.

Just remember, this fantastic offer is a one-time deal and can only be availed of with prior booking. So what are you waiting for? Out of their eight Badminton courts, one could be yours to celebrate your birthday. Get healthier and ready to sweat up some birthday memories at Danube Sports World!

50% Discount on All Sports Activities

Danube Sports World is all set to encourage people to partake the active lifestyle by offering Happy-Hour deal on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm on all sports activities.

Starting September 25, you can enjoy a whopping 50% discount on lots of different sports activities. They’ve got you covered for all the popular ones: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Padel and more. Whether you’re into smashing shuttlecocks or scoring goals, they’ve got it all. And now, with the Happy Hour deal, you won’t have to break your wallet. A game of Badminton that usually costs Dhs80 will only be Dhs40 after the discount!

About Danube Sports World 

Danube Sports World is an extraordinary multi-sport arena covering 200,000 sq. ft, making it the largest indoor sports facility in the UAE.

The facility boasts:

  • 9 Padel Courts
  • 8 Badminton Courts
  • 2 Basketball Courts,
  • 4 Indoor Cricket Courts,
  • 3 5-aside Football Pitch,
  • 3 Table Tennis Tables,
  • 1 Tennis Court,
  • 120 pax Café area,
  • Kids Play Area,
  • 150+ Free Parking Space,
  • Lockers,
  • Showers,
  • Toilets & more

Located in the heart of Dubai, Danube Sports World offers a climate-controlled environment, ensuring uninterrupted sporting activities and year-round enjoyment.

With doctors and first aid readily available and strict adherence to all COVID-19 safety protocols, Danube Sports World is the safest venue for indulging in your favorite indoor sports in the UAE. Whether you seek recreational sports with friends or a perfect setting for academic or corporate team-building activities, Danube Sports World caters to all needs. It is the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts across the UAE.


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