Look: World’s first mobile floating fire station in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Mobile floating fire station in Dubai

Dubai Civil Defence has unveiled the world’s first sustainable mobile floating fire station, marking a significant milestone in safety infrastructure and innovation. The initiative underscores Dubai’s commitment to advancing fire and rescue services while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Engineered to ensure heightened efficiency in safeguarding marine activities and facilitating rapid response times, the innovative mobile floating fire station is poised to revolutionize maritime emergency response in Dubai.

Mobile floating fire station in Dubai

Distinguished as the first of its kind globally to integrate sustainability and environmental consciousness, the floating structure boasts a remarkable 70% cost-effectiveness compared to traditional marine fire stations.

Mobile floating fire station in Dubai

Lieutenant General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, emphasized the station’s strategic importance, stating, “The deployment of the mobile floating fire station represents a significant leap forward in our quest for global leadership in safety and security. This inauguration not only underscores our commitment to pioneering safety solutions but also aligns with our dedication to enhancing Dubai’s overall infrastructure and services. Enhancing our marine firefighting capabilities, this facility positions Dubai at the forefront of minimizing response times to maritime incidents, aiming for a target response time of just four minutes.”

Mobile floating fire station in Dubai

Al Matroushi further highlighted the station’s role in elevating safety standards in maritime navigation and water channels across Dubai through innovative smart solutions. Its strategic placement ensures comprehensive coverage of Dubai’s vital maritime zones, enhancing the emirate’s readiness to address sea-related emergencies.


At the heart of its design is a commitment to sustainability, reflecting Dubai’s dedication to environmental conservation while upholding safety and operational excellence. The station, accommodating up to 16 individuals, boasts an eco-friendly design, eliminating the need for dedicated land space. This not only translates to cost savings but also contributes significantly to reducing carbon footprint and preserving green areas. Moreover, the mobile nature of the station, with a notable speed of 11 miles per hour, underscores its adaptability and versatility.

Dubai a global maritime hub

As Dubai solidifies its position as a global maritime hub, the introduction of the floating fire station underscores the leadership’s unwavering focus on fostering safety innovation and excellence. Through the integration of cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies, Dubai Civil Defence continues to deliver world-class fire and rescue services, aligning with Dubai’s vision of emerging as a global leader in safety and security.


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