UAE: Why Pakistani passports are getting delayed

by Tanvir Awan
Pakistani passport delivery time normal and urgent.

The Pakistani community in the UAE has been informed about potential delays in passport processing.

According to Pakistani Embassy in the UAE these delays are attributed to technical issues at the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports in Islamabad, Pakistan.

However, according to local media reports, a shortage of lamination papers in the passport processing offices has led to significant delays for Pakistani passport applicants in the UAE.

As a result of these unforeseen challenges, the processing times for both urgent and normal Pakistani passports have been affected.

Pakistani Passport Delivery Time

The Pakistan Embassy in a tweet further stated that while urgent Pakistani passport applications will take approximately one month to be delivered, those applying for regular Pakistani passports can expect a longer processing time of around two months.

To address these concerns and help applicants navigate this situation, the Pakistan Embassy has provided contact information for individuals to inquire about the status of their passport applications.

UAE: Pakistan Embassy, Consulate Phone Numbers

They have informed the applicants to call the Embassy of Pakistan in Abu Dhabi at 02 4447800 (ext. 332) or the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai at 04 3973600 (ext. 110) before visiting the Embassy or Consulate in person.

The embassy’s proactive approach to informing the community and providing guidance is a crucial step in ensuring that Pakistani citizens in the UAE are kept informed and supported during this period of passport processing difficulties.


For those affected by these delays, staying updated through official channels and following the guidance provided by the Pakistan Embassy is highly recommended. The embassy will continue to provide updates and support to the Pakistani community as the situation evolves.

Pakistan embassy in UAE

Dubai Newsweek will continue to provide updates and information to keep the community informed about the latest developments related to Pakistani passport processing for citizens in the UAE.


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