UAE salaries projected to rise by 2-5% in 2023

Select Property Solidifies its Presence in Dubai, GCC

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After witnessing a population increase of more than 2% in 2022, the UAE has become home to upwards of 3.55 million people; recruitment experts forecasted an average rise of between 2% and 5% for UAE salaries, enabling residents of the country to invest their extra funds into long-term assets such as property in secondary markets.

Select Property is catering to the cosmopolitan city’s growing population through its mission of developing the most exciting UK property investments which are shaped by people and place.

Amidst a looming world recession and rising inflation rates, the company’s in-house team of experts are showcasing reliable and trusted experience by delivering the strongest rental returns for UAE investors while enabling successful diversification of investment portfolios and also mitigation of financial risk.

Select Property

Select Property, a UK-based property developer and investment partner with over 18 years of experience in Dubai, is solidifying its long-standing presence as the GCC’s most trusted UK property developer.

The company specialises in UK property and has amassed a proven track record of nearly two decades through bespoke approaches that incentivise recurring annual investment for its clients.

As Dubai’s community rapidly expands, the end-to-end service provided doubles down on these efforts to help UAE residents and citizens build and diversify their portfolios.

Adam Price, CEO of Select Property, explained: “The UAE and UK have a deep and historic partnership which supports prosperity for both countries.

Dubai continues to serve as a catalyst for the growth of UK-UAE economic ties, with its strategic geographic location serving as a pivotal global commercial and trading hub. Furthermore, the UK continues to be one of Dubai’s largest trading partners and a key destination for the emirate’s foreign investments.”

Earlier this month, Select Property held a meet-and-greet event with its partner community, at 99 Sushi in Downtown Dubai, to further its vision of giving people homes where they can create a lifestyle, be a part of a community, and build relationships with one another.

Dubai Property Market

With Dubai’s property market currently booming, buyer sentiment is high and investors are open to exploring additional investment opportunities overseas. The same perception is being seen throughout the GCC, notably in Saudi Arabia, and Select Property’s unwavering commitment to the Middle East will see the company host a similar event in the Kingdom in August.

Adam Price

Adam Price

Adam added: “Given the current economic landscape, our Dubai-based clients are diversifying their portfolios and increasingly looking towards the UK for several reasons. Stability and high returns in prime cities such as Manchester and Birmingham are contributing factors, as is our trusted and reliable performance which supports clients throughout every stage of the investment journey.

“Having been present in the emirate since 2006, our clients in the UAE understand that they can rely on us as we develop, sell, and manage UK property investments that are known to drive the strongest returns for global investors. For this reason, we have witnessed immense interest from investors not only in the UAE but also from the GCC region – 45% of our One Port Street brand purchases have been from GCC investors and we see this trend continuing into our other brands.”

Urban Master Plan

With the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan aiming to double the emirates’ population within the next 20 years , Select Property has effectively opened up the UK’s residential real estate market to a growing investor base in the UAE’s most renowned city.

The trusted real estate partner has and continues to facilitate transactions for world-class residences in some of England’s most sought-after cities, including Birmingham and Manchester, with Affinity Living and The Prestige Collection being among the famed brands that have been delivered to its clientele.

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