Teleios Global takes part in one of largest car event in Dubai

Teleios will display its latest technologies in racing simulators

by Staff Reporter
Teleios Global takes part in one of largest car event in Dubai

Teleios Global participates in the largest car event in the UAE in its new version for this year. The Custom Show Emirates is the largest specialized exhibition in the Middle East region that offers its visitors the opportunity to view hundreds of modified cars from the countries of the region.

The show is held in Expo City from the March 10 to 12 and reviews the latest ideas and innovative offers as well as an opportunity to communicate with manufacturer and specialists in this sector.

Teleios, which recently announced the opening of its headquarters in Dubai, started the production of a premier racing simulator for gaming, e-sport and professional racing industries such as F1, these simulators give professionals and enthusiasts a unique opportunity and a real racing experience with zero risks, the racing simulators have been tested by top-notch engineers to ensure high quality.

Custom Show Emirates

Mr. Mohamed Kamali, Co-founder and CEO said, “We are pleased to participate in Custom Show Emirates, which is targeting our audience in the country and the region.  Being the first manufacturer of the luxury racing simulator in the world started out from Dubai, we are keen to display our latest technology.”

During this event, Teleios will display its latest technologies in racing simulators, as well as its participation in the number of activities that racing and motorsports enthusiasts enjoy, including displaying racing cars, driving skills, modifications and everything related to motorsports.

Kamali added, “As the first racing simulators manufacturer we are keen to manufacture the best racing simulators according to the requirements of our customers, we are pleased to participate in this prominent event and also in the competitions that are held during the exhibition in drift circuit, and car racing and others…”

Teleios racing simulators are distinguished by their quality, luxury, craftsmanship, innovation and international standards while manufactured locally, with the option to be customized as per car enthusiasts of different ages around the world.

Mr. Simone Cunati, co-founder, COO, said, “What distinguishes Teleios simulator offers the most realistic racing experience and customizes the steering wheel and pedals to ensure the perfect fit for each customer and other specifications.  We aim to prepare a new generation of motorsport drivers by providing the best racing simulator in the world to train comfortably for long hours.”

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