Three percent fee hike approved for private schools in Dubai

Schools that experience a decline in their annual ratings will not be eligible for any increase in fee

by Staff Reporter
GEMS Education issues statement after fee increase announcement by KHDA

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced that private schools in Dubai will be eligible to raise their tuition fees by 3 percent for the academic year of 2023-24.

The increase in tuition fees for private schools in Dubai, which has been approved, has been carefully considered with regard to the economic situation of the emirate as well as the costs associated with maintaining the quality of education while running a private school.

Dubai schools fee hike

The maximum percentage increase that a school in Dubai can implement in its tuition fees is linked to its latest rating received from the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau.

As per the School Fees Framework, private schools that maintain their current inspection rating will be allowed to increase their tuition fees by up to 3 percent.

However, schools that experience a decline in their annual ratings will not be eligible for any increase in fees.

According to the guidelines stated in the School Fees Framework, private schools that enhance their inspection rating in the latest evaluation will be eligible to implement a tuition fee increase based on the prescribed methodology.

Mohammed Darwish, Chief Executive Officer of Permits and Compliance Sector at KHDA said: “The School Fees Framework emphasises the quality of education offered by schools as the foundation for any adjustments allowed in school fees. The framework also provides transparency for families and offers them a choice of schools that match their financial and academic requirements.

“The framework was developed to allow schools to develop long-term growth plans while sustaining their current operations to provide a high quality of education to students. We have worked closely with our stakeholders to ensure the school fees framework continues to support a robust and reliable private education sector that offers families a choice of affordable and high-quality education.”

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