Team Nogueira Dubai to host top grappler Marcus Almeida

His reputation is backed by his 6 IBJJF World Championship open weight titles

by Staff Reporter
Team Nogueira Dubai to host top grappler Marcus Almeida

Team Nogueira Dubai, the largest martial arts and sports center in the region, will host a two-day seminar with world champion Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” on March11, Gi and March 12, No Gi.

Marcus Almeida, also known as “Buchecha” (or Bochecha), is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Rodrigo Cavaca and a member of the Checkmat academy, being widely regarded as the greatest grappler of his generation and arguably of all time in the sport of BJJ.

His reputation is backed by his 6 IBJJF World Championship open weight titles, being the record holder of absolute gold medals at the ‘Mundial’ after breaking Roger Gracie‘s previous record back in 2016.

Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’

“We are elated to announce the two-day seminar (Gi and No Gi) that will be happening at TND with the one and only Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” – the best grappler in the world. We invite you to be part of this iconic event to grow your skills, meet the champion, and train with the best in the greatest martial arts facility in the Middle East.” Eduardo Ribeiroe, General Manager of Team Nogueira Dubai said.

Marcus’ physical abilities helped by the masterful eye of his instructor, BJJ World Champion Rodrigo Cavaca, soon turned Buchecha into one of the most feared athletes in the lower belt divisions, and after successive wins in the “Brasileiro,” Pan American, Sao Paulo Cup, Scandinavian Open and “Mundial”, Almeida received his black belt (while on the podium after his win at the World Championship in 2010), not long after his father was also awarded his black belt in BJJ.

“The government of the UAE has invested in spreading the culture of sports as a way of life to promote fitness and reduce illnesses, representing the best talent at regional and international sports events.

“I am keen to be here in  Dubai, which has become one of the top sporting destinations of the world – for both organisers and megastars, as well as fans. What Team Nogueira Dubai has been doing for athletes and for the community of the UAE, no one has ever seen anything like it.

Sporting events

“Various sporting events to promote diversity in sports in order to build a distinguished and happy sports community, and encourages athletes to participate in various tournaments organised by the club in various parts of the Emirates. I am very excited to teach as well as learn by athletes around me,” said Buchecha.

Team Nogueira Dubai is the largest martial arts and sports center in the region.

Spread over an area of approximately 24,000 square feet, ‘TND,’ is named after legendary MMA fighter Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and was launched in the presence of the three-time World Jiu-Jitsu champion.

Team Nogueira Dubai is highly respected for the provision of martial arts training of the highest quality and standard.

The center boasts an outstanding roster of trainers, as well as excellent facilities that cater to various fitness needs, including MMA, Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling.

In addition, it offers a comprehensive training setup, including the most advanced equipment in the field of exercise and fitness. It further houses ladies-only classes.

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