A step-by-step guide to UAE-Saudi road trips

by Tanvir Awan
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uae to saudi by road in car

If you’re planning to travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by car, this guide is your ticket to a smoother and more efficient journey.

The UAE has introduced an innovative system that allows its citizens and residents to breeze through the Al Ghuwaifat border without leaving their vehicles.

The Smart Land Borders Crossing system, showcased at the Gitex Global exhibition, is set to revolutionize travel between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. If you need details about Saudi Arabia’s visa for UAE residents, you can check the link.

UAE to Saudi Arabia by Road

This guide will walk you through the simple steps to use this new system.

Step 1: Vehicle Registration

To get started, ensure that your vehicle is registered under your name. This is a prerequisite for using the Smart Land Borders Crossing system. Having your car registered facilitates the process and speeds up your border crossing.

Step 2: Automated Barrier

As you approach the Al Ghuwaifat border, the system will scan your car’s number plate. Upon verification, the first barrier will automatically open, allowing you to proceed without any delay.

Step 3: Personal Verification

In the next phase, you’ll need to scan your essential documents, which include your passport and Emirates ID. Additionally, the system employs biometrics or facial recognition for an added layer of security.

Step 4: ICP Verification

The data you provide during the personal verification step is then processed by the Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) system. Once the ICP system verifies your information, the second barrier will open, granting you permission to exit the country.

Step 5: Traditional Verification (If Needed)

In the rare event that the system at the UAE-Saudi border fails to verify your identity, you’ll be directed to park your vehicle and proceed with the traditional route. This involves visiting the immigration office for manual verification to exit the country.

Expansion Plans

Currently, the Smart Land Borders Crossing system is operational exclusively at the Al Ghuwaifat border. However, it’s worth noting that this transformative initiative has plans for expansion. The next phase of the project aims to extend the system to other border crossings near Oman, making travel even more seamless and efficient.

With this step-by-step guide, crossing the Al Ghuwaifat border using the Smart Land Borders Crossing system becomes an accessible and efficient process for UAE citizens and residents, promising a smoother experience for their journeys to Saudi Arabia and beyond.


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