Dubai: A wedding in the sky to take luxury to new heights

by Tanvir Awan
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Popley's Wedding in the Sky in Dubai

In a city renowned for its opulent weddings, Dubai is preparing to redefine luxury in spectacular fashion. The Popley family, prominent figures in the jewelry and diamond business across the UAE and India, is gearing up to host a wedding in the sky that will take place thousands of feet above ground, bringing together Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, dignitaries, friends and family from around the world on November 24, 2023.

Popley’s Wedding in the Sky in Dubai

This high-flying celebration is set to unfold inside Jetex’s Boeing 747 aircraft, which has been specially refurbished to accommodate the grand occasion. The private charter flight will take off from Dubai, embarking on a 3-hour journey to Oman, where the wedding, conducted according to Sikh traditions and rites, will take place. Approximately 1,000 guests will be jetted in from various corners of the globe to partake in the week-long wedding festivities.

The Boeing 747 has been meticulously arranged to provide the necessary space for the wedding ceremony. Bride Vidhi and groom Hridesh will exchange their vows inside the plane, surrounded by their guests and family members.

Unique Aerial Wedding in Dubai

Dilip Popley, the bride’s father and Managing Director of the Popley Group, revealed that this unique aerial wedding concept was born from his father’s dream, who wished to celebrate his son’s wedding in the sky.

The Popley family successfully executed this idea in 1994, hosting a wedding in the sky with the support of Air India’s chairman.

“The Wedding of my daughter is a joyous occasion that my family and I cherish deeply. We are thrilled to share this incredible experience with our loved ones and the world. Dubai, with its limitless charm, is the perfect setting for such a unique celebration. We invite everyone to join us in making history,” said Mr. Popley.

Dubai – Top Wedding Destination

Dubai has become a hotspot for hosting extravagant weddings, attracting high-profile businessmen, Bollywood celebrities, politicians, and bureaucrats from around the world. These week-long celebrations have become a hallmark of Dubai’s allure, bringing together families and friends for unforgettable festivities.

Dubai has firmly established itself as a premier destination for hosting unforgettable social gatherings, owing to its world-class infrastructure, stunning resorts, opulent hospitality options, impeccable safety record, and an array of diverse tourism attractions.

Dubai is now the preferred choice for individuals worldwide not only for weddings but also for commemorating significant milestones and personal celebrations.

Backed by a cadre of highly skilled wedding and event planners, Dubai boasts distinctive venues, a diverse culinary landscape, a rich tapestry of cultures, and an array of budget-friendly packages. These offerings combine to create a unique and exceptional experience for couples tying the knot and their cherished guests.

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