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Dubai-based Pakistani astronaut Namira Salim set for historic space journey

by Staff Reporter
Namira Salim Pakistani astronaut

Namira Salim, a Dubai resident and Pakistan’s first astronaut, is gearing up for her historic space voyage later this year. She earned the coveted title of Astronaut No.6, courtesy of Sir Richard Robinson. This upcoming space mission promises to captivate a global audience.

Namira Salim Space Voyage

On November 29, 2022, Virgin Galactic’s Founder Astronaut assigned her seat, making her the first Pakistani set to venture into space. The much-anticipated Galactic 04 mission is scheduled to commence on October 5, 2023.

The Galactic 04 mission boasts a diverse trio of private astronauts, each bringing unique backgrounds and cultures to this exciting endeavor. Astronaut 017 hails from the United States, Astronaut 018 from the United Kingdom, and Astronaut 019 represents Pakistan.

Namira Salim’s Achievements

Namira Salim holds an impressive list of achievements. She was officially recognized as the “First Pakistani Astronaut” by the Pakistani government in 2006.

In 2007, she was appointed Honorary Ambassador of Tourism for Pakistan by the Ministry of Tourism. She made history by becoming the first Pakistani to reach the North Pole in April 2007 and the South Pole in January 2008.

Another significant milestone was being the first Asian and Pakistani to skydive over Mount Everest during the historic First Everest Skydives of 2008.

Her commitment to peace earned her the prestigious Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award in 2011, one of Pakistan’s highest civil decorations, bestowed upon her by the President of Pakistan.

International Recognition

Namira Salim’s dedication to promoting international peace and harmony garnered her the Power 100 Trailblazer Award from Pakistan Power 100 in London in September 2013. She was also featured on Pakistan Power 100’s “Women Power 100” list, recognizing her outstanding contributions.

Namira Salim’s impending space journey marks a significant milestone not only for Pakistan but for the global space exploration community as well.


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