Factory People and Seven Management join forces to deliver Parasol, Beirut’s new restaurant

by Staff Reporter
Parasol: Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

Factory People and Seven Management have teamed up to deliver a unique concept in the Lebanese landscape, called Parasol.

Combining a beachside pool, a vibrant entertainment schedule and a high end F&B concept all into one, Parasol is a concept that is perfect for Beirut’s long summer days, seamlessly transitioning between a daytime and night time activity.

Parasol: Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

Utilizing both groups’ extensive experience in the nightlife and F&B industries, Parasol will deliver the ultimate destination for lounging, relaxing, cocktails, dining, nightlife and events; effortlessly fusing dining and entertainment into one space.

To design a space in the heart of Waterfront that feels like you are on a tropical vacation, Rabih Geha Architects were brought on board. Rabih Geha Architects (RGA) are a multi-award winning architecture and design firm founded by Rabih Geha in 2006 in Beirut, and have previously worked with both groups on their signature projects AHM Beirut, BO18.DXB and Feb30.


Seven Management CEO Rabih Fakhreddine said: “Building upon the success of our award-winning beach club, February 30, in Dubai, we are excited to embark on a new journey. Through a strategic partnership and shared expertise with ‘Factory People’, we are returning to our roots in Beirut.

“Recognizing a market demand for a refined beach club experience, we proudly present ‘Parasol.’ This venture signifies our commitment to bringing a touch of glamour to the shores of Beirut, creating a destination that resonates with sophistication and luxury.”

Factory People

Factory People CEO Jade said: “We love good food and daytime gatherings, and after establishing Factory People as the region’s leader in clubbing, I am very proud to expand our operations to now cover food-driven ventures. Parasol in Beirut complements the opening of our new Dubai-based restaurant Soul Kitchen. With ‘7Management’, will we both bring a wealth of experience to deliver a project that stands out.”

Parasol Menu

The restaurant menu was developed by the talented Reif Othman, for his first expansion project outside of the UAE. Parasol opened in late August in Beirut, and both groups will be looking to expand the brand across the region in 2024.


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