Foodie’s Paradise: 15 best restaurants in Dubai 2023

Sit back, relax and let's explore the top 15 restaurants in the city of gold

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15 best restaurants in Dubai 2023

Dubai is a gastronomic hub of the Middle East, offering a diverse range of international cuisines and dining experiences. With an endless array of dining options, it can be overwhelming to choose where to dine. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the 15 best restaurants in Dubai in 2023, each offering a unique dining experience, be it a romantic candlelit dinner, a family-friendly meal, or a quick bite on the go.

From traditional Arabic cuisine to contemporary fusion dishes, this list has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a foodie or simply love trying new dishes, these restaurants are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

So sit back, relax and let’s explore the top 15 restaurants in Dubai.

The ranking was released by World’s 50 Best organization.

Best restaurants in Dubai 2023

  • Orfali Bros Bistro
  • Tresind Studio
  • Ossiano
  • 3 Fils
  • Kinoya
  • Moonrise
  • Reif Kushiyaki
  • Zuma
  • Lowe
  • Gaia
  • LPM
  • Hoseki
  • Coya
  • 11 Woodfire
  • Jun’s

1. Orfali Bros Bistro

Three Brothers, Two passions, One goal:

“For us rules are meant to be bent and broken with respect to our tradition, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of cooking to discover new flavors and sensations to our food and pastries.

“Some of our dishes and desserts we have made them again and again, food that we love to eat.

“We speak Food. Food is our language. We are Orfali Bros.”

2. Tresind Studio

Tresind Studio offers a uniquely captivating dining experience, challenging common perceptions of Indian cuisine by showcasing flavours both new and familiar through a creative lens.

15 best restaurants in Dubai 2023

Tresind Studio

The ethos of Studio places an emphasis on the transformation and amplification of humble ingredients, sourced locally from organic and sustainable farmers in the UAE.

The dining room philosophy is based on the popular Indian phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which literally means “Guest Is God.”

3. Ossiano

Awarded a one MICHELIN star, Ossiano Dubai is a progressive fine dining experience inspired by the ocean and seas. Imagine dining in one of Dubai’s most immersive restaurants, as stingrays, sharks and fish in the aquarium glide right past your table.

Tresind Studio

Aspiring to showcase some of the best produce from around the world, MICHELIN starred-chef Grégoire Berger takes pride in offering guests a unique opportunity to taste exceptional ingredients at their peak, in the heart of Dubai that is itself is at the crossroads of the world.

4. 3 Fils restaurant in Dubai

Founded in late November 2016, 3FILS is piloted by a team who live by a diehard daringness to be different, to offer a story akin to the “2 cents worth’ opinion of dining in Dubai” with every bite.

best restaurants in Dubai 2023

3 Fils

With harbour-side community style dining, 3FILS serves up premium Asian dishes with a Japanese twist as its focus.

5. Kinoya, Japanese dining experience

The Kinoya experience is conceptualized based on two vital experiences; Izakaya and Ramen.

Izakaya is an informal Japanese dining experience where people gather after work to enjoy snacks and beverages.

At an Izakaya, guests can always expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere where they can relax and unwind.

Ramen is an everyday dish in Japan. To achieve the unique and authentic taste of a Ramen Bowl, the key is to carefully select and cook every ingredient to perfection. At Kinoya, the team created a menu that would bring you to the heart of Japan.

best restaurants in Dubai 2023


Kinoya offers an all-encompassing experience of atmosphere and food, by serving everyday Japanese dishes such as Donabe, Onsen Tamago, Dashi, Omurice, and many other authentic delicacies.

Every aspect of Kinoya is curated to bring you a memorable experience, set to change the Japanese cuisine narrative in Dubai.

6. Moonrise

Set at the summit of luxurious apartment complex Eden House, 12-seater Moonrise appeals to the serious foodies.

7. Reif Kushiyaki

What drives this culinary art process is Reif’s heart & talent. Reif Japanese Kushiyaki’s power is in the merging of two paradoxical worlds.

Like with all art, it isn’t just about creating a relationship with the artist, but with the work of the artist, that is always in a state of reinvention and surprise.

Reif Japanese Kushiyaki is not a restaurant, it’s an experience.

8. Zuma restaurant

best restaurants in Dubai.


Zuma Dubai is located in the international financial centre, at the heart of the city.

Enjoy contemporary Japanese cuisine in the vicinity of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

9. Lowe Dubai

A homegrown ideology, Lowe is a contemporary and experimental dining experience showcasing seasonal produce cooked naturally by fire.

The open kitchen centered on a charcoal grill, rotisserie and wood-fired oven celebrates rustic and approachable food.

The menu combines traditional techniques and unique flavours to ignite the senses. A part of the Nasab creative community, the relaxed eatery brings food to life in a welcoming environment, with a sense of humor and a touch of nostalgia.

10. Gaia Dubai restaurant

Gaia aims to showcase the core elements of Grecian culture. Combining warm hospitality with intricate details and alluring aspects, Gaia creates a journey of discovery in each and every visit, enticing the explorer within. The homegrown food, beverage and lifestyle concept was born of a collaboration between Evgeny Kuzin and Chef Izu Ani.

11. LPM Dubai

A visit to LPM is a celebration of how food, drink, people and setting come together to create something unique. Every detail has been inspired by the cultural roots on the banks of the Mediterranean, and the spirit of a creative and vibrant era, La Belle Époque.

12. Hoseki

Meaning “gemstone” in Japanese, Hoseki is a minimalist jewel-box of a destination where guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind gastronomic treat by Chef Masahiro Sugiyama.

best restaurants in Dubai 2023


With just nine seats, dining at Hoseki is a unique Omakase experience, the most traditional way to savor Japanese food which means “I leave it to you.”

After arriving through a special Tokonoma, or entry room, guests turn their palates over to the whims of the chef.

13. Coya Dubai restaurant

Coya is serious about innovation and passionate about food. That’s why chefs love nothing more than experimenting with traditional Peruvian dishes whilst using Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cooking techniques to surprise and excite guests on every visit.

14. 11 Woodfire

best restaurants in Dubai 2023


At Woodfire, when man harnessed fire, it was for warmth. It brought people together and developed a community. Driven by primal cooking, Akmal Anuar channels all the bounty of nature to create a harmonious balance of fire and technique.

15. Jun’s in Downtown Dubai

In the heart of Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard with views of the Burj Khalifa, Jun’s is a space to celebrate coming together.

A modern fine dining experience where the food is simple in presentation and massive in flavor where customers come to celebrate their big wins in life and regulars come to celebrate the everyday joys.


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