Korean steakhouse Smoki Moto opens on Palm Jumeirah

by Staff Reporter
Smoki Moto in Dubai

Smoki Moto, Dubai’s inaugural fully licensed Korean steakhouse, invites gastronomes on a distinctive culinary adventure as it inaugurates its doors on the illustrious Palm Jumeirah.

Positioned in the heart of Palm West Beach, Smoki Moto offers a novel and accessible dining encounter, seamlessly blending Seoul’s culinary artistry with the allure of premium steaks.

Featuring state-of-the-art charcoal grills at every table, the restaurant assures an engaging and interactive dining experience, with chefs personally attending to each grill.

Rooted in tradition with a contemporary flair, Smoki Moto’s name reflects its essence – “Smoki” symbolizing charcoal and grill, and “Moto” embodying a bull, the brand’s mascot.

Smoki Moto in Dubai

The venue, adorned with authentic aesthetics and a downtown Seoul vibe, comprises various spaces, including a Butcher Shop, lounge, cocktail bar, Korean pancake bar, and the main table grill area. The eclectic setting is complemented by a terrace boasting stunning West Beach views, providing an ideal backdrop for memorable dining, particularly during sunset.

Beyond culinary delights, Smoki Moto introduces a unique music direction featuring Nu-Disco, Groove, and Soulful House with Vinyl elements, creating a multifaceted entertainment experience.

Smoki Moto’s menu

Distinguished as a steakhouse, Smoki Moto’s menu emphasizes quality cuts, showcasing dry-aging techniques such as butter dry age, kelp, and sugar-cured methods. Steaks are prepared on bespoke charcoal grills at high temperatures, offering a distinctive and memorable flavor profile.

Smoki Moto menu, palm jumeirah Dubai

The Butcher Shop menu features Korean-style marinated short ribs, grain- and grass-fed beef, and Wagyu meat for tabletop grills. Authentic Korean dishes such as tuna gimbap, kimchi pancakes, and bibimbap stone bowls with foie gras enrich the menu, providing a unique twist to the steakhouse experience. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Sean Sungwook Hong, Assistant General Manager, expressed, “The launch of Smoki Moto marks a pivotal moment in Dubai’s culinary landscape. Our vision is to dominate the Korean steakhouse market, captivating patrons with an authentic yet modern approach.”

Smoki Moto stands as a testament to Dubai’s evolving culinary scene, offering a fusion of Korean culinary excellence and a contemporary dining experience on the iconic Palm Jumeirah.


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