Jobs in UAE: 70% employees expect salary increase in 2023

Workers are more inclined to leave their current jobs in search of better-paying positions

by Tanvir Awan
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UAE Jobs 2023; Survey reveals why employees want to leave their current companies

Almost 70% of employees in the UAE anticipate a rise in their salaries in 2023. According to a survey conducted by talent specialists Tiger Recruitment, around 7 in 10 workers in the UAE and MENA region anticipate a rise in their monthly salary this year.

These employees plan to achieve this by either seeking a new job or through negotiations with their present employer to obtain a salary increase.

However, the survey reveals that workers are more inclined to leave their current jobs in search of better-paying positions, as almost 37% of those polled indicated they are prepared to resign to obtain the salary they desire.

Only a small number (16%) plan to stay and negotiate a pay rise with their current employer.

Challenges to find new jobs in UAE

Although quitting a job to pursue better opportunities may seem like an attractive prospect, it does come with its share of challenges.

In fact, approximately one-fifth of the survey respondents indicated concerns that it may take them longer to find a new job that offers a higher salary.

The recruitment specialist also revealed that a significant number of workers are now hesitant to initiate conversations about higher salaries with their employers. This reluctance stems from prior unsuccessful attempts to secure a pay raise.

The survey conducted by Tiger Recruitment showed that almost 42% of the respondents had already discussed the topic of a salary increase with their employer in the previous year. However, only 28% of those who brought up the subject were successful in securing a raise.

The majority of workers surveyed stated that they had received a pay raise one to two years ago, while 15% of the respondents reported that it has been five years or more since their salary increased.


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