Top 10 tips to find a job in Dubai in 2023

Dubai provides ample employment opportunities to professionals in private sector

by Tanvir Awan
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Finding a job in Dubai may be a dream for many. The city provides ample employment opportunities to professionals from different sectors.

Dubai always remains on top of the professionals’ priority list when it comes to picking a place to work and live in.

Robust infrastructure, growing economy, world-class law & order and on top of that a tax-free salary is among many other benefits people enjoy when working in Dubai.

Despite the new UAE rules, which focus on Emiratisation, foreign talent is the main source of attraction for the private companies operating in Dubai.

There are many job opportunities available in Dubai, including in the tourism, finance, construction and technology industries.

According to the different surveys, some of the most in-demand jobs in Dubai include architects, engineers, accountants, sales managers and IT professionals.

The city of gold also offers opportunities to skilled workers such as electricians, plumbers and mechanics.

Additionally, there are many jobs available in the service industry, including hotel and restaurant workers, as well as customer service and retail.

Tips to get hired in Dubai in 2023.

  1. Always research the job market and industries in Dubai to determine which fields are in demand and align with your skills and experience.
  1. To keep pace with changing trends, you need to build a strong and professional online presence.
  1. A detailed LinkedIn profile and a professional portfolio of your work will help you to land a job in Dubai.
  1. If you are a UAE resident, don’t forget to network with industry professionals. Always attend job fairs and join professional organizations to increase your chances of being noticed by the potential employers.
  1. You should tailor your resume/CV and cover letter to the specific role and industry you are applying for, highlighting your relevant skills and experience.
  1. If you are a non-resident, get ready to relocate to Dubai and obtain the necessary visas and permits etc.
  1. Follow up on your job applications to increase your chances of being considered for an interview, be it online on zoom or a face to face meeting.
  1. There is no doubt the job market in Dubai is competitive, therefore you need to be flexible and open to different job opportunities.
  1. Private companies in Dubai hire the best talent and offer decent salary packages, so be smart when negotiating the salary package, benefits and other perks such as insurance, air tickets etc.
  1. Apart from hiring the experienced individuals, companies offer jobs to freshers in Dubai. The government has recently introduced a new job exploration visa as part of the UAE’s Advanced Visa System. The new single-entry permit targets young talents and skilled professionals to explore employment opportunities available in the country. So, if you are willing to come to Dubai to explore jobs , it may be the best option for you as it does not require a sponsor or a host.


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