App launched to find part-time work, full-time jobs in the UAE

The future of hiring is rapidly moving towards automation

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App launched to find part-time work, full-time jobs in the UAE

Jobseekers in the UAE can now take advantage of the newly launched JustPro Jobs app that allows them to find part-time work and full-time career positions in companies across the country.

JustPro Jobs app aims to revolutionize the job search process for professionals by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, innovative methods, and thorough skills assessments. This will result in a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the job hunting experience.

A recent survey conducted by and YouGov found that 85% of UAE professionals are optimistic about the future of work.

JustPro Jobs app

With the JustPro Jobs app, job seekers can create a comprehensive profile that showcases their CV and various skills. Additionally, employers can utilize the JustPro Talent Scout feature on the employer app to effectively attract and retain the right talent, as technology continues to play a crucial role in the workplace experience.

The future of hiring is rapidly moving towards automation, artificial intelligence and analytics.

JustPro Jobs app offers job seekers the ability to switch to a freelancer profile, showcasing their freelance skills, prices, and corresponding pictures. This enables individuals and companies to directly hire or engage their services on the employer app.

Talent Scout

The JustPro Talent Scout feature allows jobseekers to indicate the jobs they are capable of handling, their experience in those job titles, and their minimum expected salaries; so that employers can easily find them when they are searching to fill specific positions and job titles.

According to Mr. Joseph Nwudu, CEO of JustPro Jobs app, many job seekers apply for jobs they are not qualified for and hence there are thousands of submissions for a single job where the HR team has to peruse unnecessary paperwork to fill job positions. JustPro Talent Scout feature helps avoids this with the screening processes within the App.

Added features allow jobseekers to indicate when they are available for interviews and allow booking them directly on the employer’s app.

The integrated push notifications, show jobseekers when they are scheduled for an interview and by which organisation, followed by getting a review of their performance post interview and by past employers.

The JustPro Jobs app is already available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores for the ease of both employers and jobseekers.



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