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BFL Group joins forces with renowned Emirati poet Sarah Murad

by Staff Reporter
Emirati poet Sarah Murad

Brands For Less (BFL) Group has announced an inspiring collaboration with young Emirati poet, Sarah Murad, in celebration of Emirati Women’s Day.

This partnership marks a significant moment where creativity and empowerment converge to pay homage to the spirit of Emirati women.

The commemoration of local women in the UAE stands as a testament to their remarkable accomplishments and contributions across a multitude of sectors.

BFL, Emirati Poet Sarah Murad Partnership

Renowned for her powerful and emotive verses, Sarah Murad’s poem, “The Spirit of an Emirati Woman,” resonates deeply with the experiences, aspirations, and achievements of Emirati women.

‘Composing this piece allows me to voice the true essence of being an Emirati woman’

Sarah Murad

“As an Emirati woman who paints life through spoken word, I feel honoured to collaborate with Brands for Less Group, who embrace unity and celebrate the contributions of women. Composing this piece allows me to voice the true essence of being an Emirati woman. In this piece, I pay tribute to those women who transcend boundaries, compose symphonies of resilience, and embody the hope we have for each other. Every day feels like Emirati Women’s Day,” Sarah Murad, spoken word artist, commented.

Brand For Less Group pays homage to Emirati Women

Reflecting on this significant occasion, Toufic Kreidieh, the Executive Chairman & Group CEO of BFL Group, conveyed his heartfelt sentiments by saying, “I would like to personally congratulate and thank the women of the UAE on this special day. You are an inspiration to us all. You have made significant contributions to the development of the UAE in all fields ranging from education, art, sports, and healthcare to business and government.”

“I also want to thank the UAE government for its commitment to gender equality and for implementing policies and programs that have helped empower women and give them the opportunity to discover their full potential,” he added.


The BFL Group acknowledges the UAE as its home and expresses gratitude for the opportunities that this nation extends to entrepreneurs and women.

The touching tribute between BFL Group and Emirati poet Sarah Murad will be unveiled on the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day.

Together, they will echo the promise that in the UAE, ambition knows no boundaries, and all women’s aspirations are nurtured to flourish.


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