Free bus rides in Dubai from La Mer to Al Sufouh

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Two new bus routes connect Dubai Hills to Equity Metro Station and DAMAC Hills to Dubai Studio City

In a bid to promote sustainable transportation options and encourage eco-friendly travel, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken a significant step by introducing free bus rides in Dubai from La Mer to Al Sufouh on its electric buses.

This initiative, which is part of the broader electric bus trial service, offers commuters the opportunity to journey seamlessly from La Mer to Al Sufouh without incurring any cost.

Free Bus Rides in Dubai from La Mer to Al Sufouh

The RTA, in its relentless pursuit of integrating advanced and sustainable technologies into its transportation infrastructure, has announced that travelers can now enjoy complimentary rides on the electric buses plying the route from La Mer to Al Sufouh.

This strategic move aims to not only ease the burden on conventional modes of transportation but also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of daily commutes.


With a focus on enhancing the travel experience, the electric bus route encompasses multiple stops, ensuring convenient access for passengers along the way. Commuters can expect a smooth and comfortable journey.

The route’s integration with popular destinations like La Mer and Al Sufouh also makes it a convenient choice for both residents and tourists seeking sustainable travel options.

In a bid to spread the word about this exciting initiative, the RTA turned to its official social media platforms.

A video detailing the features and benefits of the electric bus service was shared, garnering attention from residents and travellers alike.

The video showcased the modern and eco-friendly electric buses, inviting individuals to hop aboard and embark on a journey that not only connects destinations but also promotes environmentally conscious travel.

A Greener Transport Mode

Dubai’s commitment to sustainability and technological advancement is evident through initiatives like the electric bus trial service.

By offering free bus rides in Dubai  on these electric vehicles, the RTA encourages the public to experience the convenience and comfort of electric transportation while contributing to the city’s larger goals of reducing air pollution and embracing greener alternatives.


In a progressive move towards a more sustainable future, Dubai’s RTA has paved the way for free electric bus rides from La Mer to Al Sufouh.

This endeavor showcases the authority’s dedication to providing innovative transportation solutions that align with the city’s broader sustainability vision. Commuters are invited to embark on this eco-friendly journey, as they contribute to a greener Dubai one ride at a time.

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