Cheapest travel: Skyscanner reveals the best day to book flights in UAE

According to data, Friday is cheapest day to fly out of the UAE

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If you’re planning your travels in 2023, Skyscanner’s new data can assist you in securing the best deal. The online flight comparison platform has revealed the tips for cheapest travel and the best day to book flights in the UAE.

According to Skyscanner data, the cheapest day to fly out of the UAE is Friday, and that, on average, the lowest fares are discovered 21 weeks before your flight.

The research by Skyscanner reveals that Fridays are generally the economical days to fly, but the prices vary based on the destination, departure point, and the time of the year.

Affordable flights

For example, travelers from Dubai to Doha may encounter more affordable flights if they depart on Wednesdays. However, those flying from Sharjah to Qatar are more likely to find cheaper flights if they take off on Tuesdays.

According to the data, the ideal time to book flights is, on average, 21 weeks before the departure date. Though for flights from Dubai to London, booking 27 weeks ahead for the best fares is recommended.

Cheapest travel tips for Saudi passengers

Comparing two key – and often shared – travel hacks: when to book & when to travel, Skyscanner can reveal how booking and traveling at the right time can save Saudi travelers on average SAR 447 for optimum booking timing and SAR 404 for travelling on the cheapest day per person.

Currently, the overall best time to book flights from Saudi Arabia is on average 21 weeks before departure and the cheapest day of the week to travel from Saudi Arabia is a Sunday. However, the global travel site has data crunched millions of flight bookings over the last year across its most popular destinations and the results reveal this does not in fact tell the whole story. Not only do these hacks change depending on the destination but also, travelers will find differing results for the same destination but a different month i.e.:

From Jeddah, the cheapest day of the week to travel to London in August is a Tuesday vs from Riyadh, which is a Thursday.

Riyadh to Dubai flights

The best time to book, a flight from Riyadh to Dubai in December is 12 weeks ahead vs from Abu Dhabi to London, which is 23 weeks.

Cheapest travel: Skyscanner reveals the best day to book flights in UAE

Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew

The cheapest day of the week to travel to Bangkok from Riyadh in March is a Monday but in June, it is a Wednesday.

Flight pricing algorithms have long been the source of much fascination, but this new data reveals that post-pandemic, the science behind pricing is more complex than ever. Travelers can visit Skyscanner’s 2023 Savings Generator to calculate these savings for themselves. Skyscanner has pulled together hundreds of popular departure airports and destinations pairings to reveal these important insights for travelers currently planning their trips.

As supply and demand largely dictates flight pricing, Skyscanner’s wealth of historical booking trends has enabled its in-house team of experts to provide travelers with guidance on:

  •  The average price for the route: this ensures when considering a flight, you know if you’re getting a good deal.
  • The cheapest day to fly & the most expensive day to fly on the selected route, based on traditionally popular days – right down to the month level.
  • The best time to book based on historical average pricing, optimum booking timing can be forecast.

Travel Trends in 2023

Skyscanner’s recent Travel Trends research revealed that consumers plan to still travel as much if not more in 2023, but crucially will be looking to source the best value possible from their 2023 trips. The best way to guarantee a good price is to compare your options across operators, dates and travel destinations. Use Skyscanner’s travel savvy tools including calendar view, Everywhere & Anytime search, nearby airports, mix and match airlines, as well as price alerts, all available at

Skyscanner Savings Generator

Skyscanner has analysed tens of thousands of booking data points from 2022, drawn from 10 origin countries to their top 15 destinations, looking at metrics such as average seat price, best and worst days to travel and the associated cost and the best time to book. The data used includes:

  • Average seat price
  • Best time to book
  • Best time to book saving (average price minus best time to book price)
  • Cheapest day of the week to travel
  • Cheapest day of week saving (most expensive – cheapest day)
  • Alternative destination (suggested best value alternative destination)
  • Alternative destination average flight price
  • Alternative destination cheapest day of the week
  • Cheapest destination

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