Abu Dhabi T10 tickets go on sale, price announced

by Staff Reporter
Where to buy Abu Dhabi T10 2023 tickets?

The much awaited seventh edition of Abu Dhabi T10 is just around the corner and cricket frenzy fans in the region will be delighted to know that the tickets for cricket’s fastest format are now available for sale for just Dhs10. Tickets can be purchased online via: https://events.q-tickets.com/uae/eventdetails/4013826602/abu-dhabi-t10-season-7.

Where to buy Abu Dhabi T10 2023 tickets?

Abu Dhabi T10 is partnering with Q-Tickets as their exclusive ticketing partner for the upcoming edition. Q-Tickets will also be running co-promotions with 360 Play in various malls across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Fujairah to sell tickets and other bundled offers.

In Abu Dhabi, the tickets will be sold at the Jumpo Trampo in Yas Mall, and at the Beanstalk at the Marina Mall. In Dubai, the tickets will be available to purchase at the 360 Play Jumpo Trampo at the Spring Souk Mall, Adventure Land at the Al Ghuriar Mall, and at the Trampoline at the Century Mall. Tickets for Abu Dhabi T10 Season 7 will also be sold at the Spider Tower in the Century Mall in Fujairah.

Abu Dhabi T10 2023 will take place between November 28 and December 9th with 32 matches set to be played between eight well-rounded teams namely Deccan Gladiators, New York Strikers, Northern Warriors, Morrisville Samp Army, Delhi Bulls, Bangla Tigers, Team Abu Dhabi, and Chennai Braves.


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