50 best restaurants in Dubai and MENA 2024

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best restaurants in Dubai

50 Best has announced the new list of Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024, recognising those establishments that lead the hospitality sector across the region.

Restaurants from across 14 cities within the Middle East and North Africa are honoured, with Orfali Bros Bistro being awarded the region’s No.1 restaurant for the second consecutive year. The third edition of the list, which highlights the best dining destinations in the entire region, also includes 13 new entries and two re-entries.

Established in 2021 within the Wasl 51 complex, Orfali Bros Bistro has garnered a devoted following among Dubai’s culinary enthusiasts as well as international visitors. Offering an exceptional dining experience driven by brilliant storytelling, the bistro’s menu pays homage to the three Orfali brothers’ Aleppian roots, blending Middle Eastern themes with Dubai’s multicultural flair.

Following its recent No.46 ranking on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 list, this achievement solidifies Orfali Bros Bistro’s position as one of the most distinctive and revered culinary establishments in the MENA region.

The fine-dining Indian restaurant Trèsind Studio in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, headed by chef Himanshu Saini, claims the No.2 spot. It is followed by Ossiano at No.3 and Moonrise at No.4, both located in Dubai.

Best restaurants in Dubai and MENA region 2024

Best restaurants in Dubai

William Drew, Director of Content for Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants, says: “Our sincere congratulations go to Orfali Bros Bistro, which sets a new standard in creativity, innovation and food presentation, complemented by an intimate service style. We are equally proud to see restaurants from so many different cities represented on this year’s list, showcasing the abundant diversity of cuisines across the region.”


In light of the current circumstances and challenges faced in the Middle East, 50 Best announced the decision last year not to host a live event programme for Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024. 50 Best believes that hosting an in-person, celebratory awards ceremony and associated events would not be appropriate at this time. The organisation remains steadfast in its commitment to acknowledging and showcasing the exceptional talent within the Middle East & North Africa’s culinary scene whilst promoting the culinary strength and diversity of the region to a global audience.

Voting process

The list is compiled by the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, an influential group of more than 250 key leaders in the restaurant industry across the region, each selected for their expert opinion of the Middle East and North Africa’s restaurant scenes. The Academy is divided into six regions: the Gulf; Saudi Arabia; Levant-plus; Israel, North Africa (East) and North Africa (West).

Each region has its own panel of members including a chairperson, called the Academy Chair, to head it up. The panel is made up of food writers and critics, chefs, restaurateurs and highly regarded gourmets. For the 2024 list, each MENA Academy member voted for up to seven restaurants, with at least two of these located outside the country where they are based. None of the event’s sponsors has any influence over the voting process.

List of best restaurants in Dubai and MENA

  • Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai
  • Tresind Studio, Dubai
  • Ossiano, Dubai
  • Moonrise, Dubai
  • Khufu’s, Cairo (new entry)
  • 3 Fils, Dubai
  • Fakhreldin, Amman
  • Em Sherif, Beirut
  • Fusions by Tala, Manama
  • OCD Restaurant, Tel Aviv
  • Kinoya, Dubai
  • Kazoku, Cairo
  • Zuma, Dubai
  • 11 Woodfire, Dubai
  • Sachi Giza, Giza
  • Baron, Beirut
  • Boca, Dubai (new entry)
  • Shams El Balad, Amman
  • Mimi Kakushi, Dubai (re-entry)
  • George & John, Tel Aviv
  • Jun’s, Dubai
  • Marble, Riyadh
  • LPM Dubai, Dubai
  • Zooba (Zamalek), Cairo
  • Nomi, Monash (new entry)
  • Animar, Tel Aviv
  • La Grande Table Marocaine, Marrakesh
  • Bait Maryam, Dubai (new entry)
  • Sufra, Amman
  • Reif Kushiyaki, Dubai
  • Tawlet Mar Mikhael, Beirut
  • 21 Grams, Dubai (new entry)
  • Sachi Cairo, Cairo
  • Milgo & Milbar, Tel Aviv
  • Gaia, Dubai
  • Alee, Amman
  • Lowe, Dubai
  • Izakaya, Cairo (re-entry)
  • LPM Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi (new entry)
  • Lunch Room, Riyadh (new entry)
  • Row on 45, Dubai (new entry)
  • +61, Marrakesh
  • Opa, Tel Aviv (new entry)
  • 13C Bar in the Back, Amman
  • Sesamo, Marrakesh
  • Alba by Enrico Crippa, Doha (new entry)
  • Cult Bistro, Tunis (new entry)
  • Talea by Antonio Guida, Abu Dhabi (new entry)
  • Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Manama
  • Kuuru, Jeddah


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