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15 rules that you must follow on UAE National Day

The ministry of interior has shared a list of rules and regulations

by Tanvir Awan
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Rules for UAE National Day 2022.

The UAE residents a celebrated the UAE’s 51st National Day on December 2 with tradition zeal.

In bid to ensure the safety and protection of the residents, the ministry of interior shared a list of rules and regulations that must be strictly followed.

Here are the guidelines that everyone should keep in mind while celebrating the National Day.

  1. Don’t cover the windows and windshields of vehicles with stickers as it is illegal in the UAE.
  1. Vehicle stunts are prohibited on internal or external roads.
  1. Don’t block the roads or disrupt movement of traffic for other motorists.
  1. Unlicensed additions or modifications to vehicles that cause noise are not allowed.
  1. Extensions that affect visibility are prohibited.
  1. Random gatherings and marches are strictly prohibited.
  1. Residents celebrating the UAE’s National Day should follow traffic rules.
  1. Use of any type of sprays is also not allowed whether by motorists, pedestrians or passengers.
  1. Front and rear number plates of the car should not be effaced.
  1. Vehicle’s colour must not be changed.
  1. Blackout tinting or colouring of windshield is not allowed.
  1. Use of inappropriate stickers or inappropriate phrases on the car is prohibited.
  1. Vehicles in the UAE may not carry more passengers than the number which is authorized.
  1. All the passengers are not allowed to stick their body or neck out of the windows or sunroof.
  1. Police’s instructions must be followed.

The UAE has announced a public holiday on its National Day on December 2.

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