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Wasi Shah highlights Pakistan’s tourism potential in Dubai

by Staff Reporter
Wasi Shah highlights Pakistan’s tourism potential in Dubai

Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai organized an event to highlight tourism potential of Pakistan in its premises on Sunday.

The event was attended by Wasi Shah, Minister of State for Tourism and Chairman Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Naila Kayani, Pakistani Mountaineer, prominent Emiratis and a large number of Pakistani community members.

Pakistan a heaven for tourists: Wasi Shah

Highlighting the tourism potential of Pakistan, Wasi Shah said that Pakistan is rich in its tourist destinations and offers a diverse range of choices for all types of tourists.

The country is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world dating back to 9000 years, has innumerable sites of scenic beauty, world’s highest mountains, many religious and historic places, unique art and craft and rich culture and heritage.

Wasi Shah said that the government of Pakistan is taking a number of steps to promote tourism including relaxing visa regime to facilitate and welcome foreign tourists from all over the world to Pakistan.

Talking about mountaineering in Pakistan, he said that government has prioritized ensuring insurance coverage of porters along with arrangements for trainings and certification.

He also talked about immense investment potential in tourism sector of Pakistan and invited investment especially in building theme parks in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan Ambassador Tirmizi hails Naila Kiani

Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi in his remarks appreciated Naila Kiani’s achievements who has summited eight out of fourteen above 8000 metres peaks.

Naila has successfully summited all five above 8000 metres peaks of Pakistan. Ambassador Tirmizi commended Naila’s efforts in promoting women empowerment and highlighting Pakistan’s tourism potential.

Talking about her journey, Naila Kiani mentioned that she aims to summit all above 8000 meters peaks and her next expedition is to peak Manaslu in Nepal and Peak Cho Oyu and Shishapangma in China.

Naila Kiani is the first and only Pakistani woman to climb all Pakistan’s highest peaks above 8000 meters.

‘The North’ Exhibition in Dubai

Wasi Shah also visited an exhibition titled “The North” being held at ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai. Amad Mian, the curator of “The North” briefed the minister about the concept of the event.

The North aims to showcase the diverse landscape of Pakistan as discovered by three artists, Louis Szapary, Saara Knapp and Phoebe Stewart Carter.

Wasi Shah highlights Pakistan’s tourism potential in Dubai

The artists visited Pakistan under Daastangoi Gallery’s residency programme and spent 10 days to explore and capture beautiful landscape of Pakistan in September 2022.

The work of these artists is displayed at the Brookfield Place till September 2023.

Wasi Shah while commending the work of the artists said that the artists play a great role in connecting cultures.


“I am glad to see special efforts and innovative ideas of Daastangoi Gallery for selecting talent from different parts of the world and showcasing Pakistan’s natural beauty through their artwork. There is immense tourism potential in Pakistan, the exhibition further supplements the efforts of the Government in promoting this tourism potential. This work has cultural and economic significance for Pakistan and environmental significance globally, he added.

Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi lauded the efforts of Daastangoi Gallery in promoting natural beauty of Pakistan and appreciated the quality of artwork being displayed at ICD Brookfield Place.


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