Unique art exhibition brings ‘Gold Codes’ to Dubai

Most of the pieces feature gold – paint or gold leaf

by Staff Reporter
Unique art exhibition brings ‘Gold Codes’ to Dubai

Everyone is invited to enjoy a rare chance to see the collected artwork of renowned international portrait photographer turned acrylic painter, Gerda Carina, in a stunning new exhibition – Gold Codes – set to be held at the Le Meridien Fairway, Garhoud, Dubai from September 5 to October 3, 2023.

Gerda will be inviting leading local art collectors, interior designers, influencers, gallery owners, bloggers and art dealers to view her works – which contain “codes” to activate and attract what you most need in life.

Most of the pieces feature gold – paint or gold leaf – because Gerda believes it holds a very special kind of high frequency which helps activate the purpose of the paintings.

Gold Codes

Gold Codes celebrates creativity, artistic expression and the power that an art piece can hold. The artistic experience offers promising contemporary pieces and a platform for new connections and dialogues within the art community.

Gerda Carina’s artistic expression is a powerful amalgamation of her life’s adventures, diverse cultural encounters, and spiritual insights. Through her art, she continues to share her vision of harmony, joy, and connection with the world, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter her transformative creations.

She uses acrylics that are rich in colour, texture and depth and some pieces also feature gold leaves.

As Gerda explains: “For the first time, I’m bringing smaller lighter pieces to the exhibition, to make the pieces more accessible, and allow everyone to make a purchase, if they wish. My usual exhibition work is always on big heavy wood canvases that need special transportation.

“Visitors may find exactly what is missing from their workspace or home walls. They may find inspiration. My “Gold Codes” pieces shift energies and offer a touch of mystery. The art activates spaces, brings in balance, harmony, financial abundance, unconditional love, and so much more!”

Exhibition at Le Meridien Fairway Hotel

Visitors to the stunning exhibition at Le Meridien Fairway Hotel, will have the opportunity to meet with Gerda herself, and talk about bespoke commissions, such as a one-off piece or customised wall art.

Saskia Evraert, Hotel Manager of Le Meridien Fairway said, “We are thrilled to welcome Gerda’s beautiful exhibition to our hotel. The creative concept “Gold Codes” is a fascinating collection and one that will encapsulate our guests and visitors alike.”

The price of every individual art piece varies and start from Dhs2,000, but all art pieces are available to purchase during the exhibition direct from the artist.

These meticulously crafted, enchanting works of art combine channelled energies and vibrant colour combinations inspired by her global adventures. Each piece is tailor-made to resonate with your individual desires and aspirations.

The codes enshrined in the pieces – after a client consultation – are designed to bring abundance, love or health, making them ideal for the home, office or spa.

Gerda’s art reflects her resilience as a creative individual, having overcome numerous obstacles on her artistic journey, but it is also about the elegance and grace that she has learned to embody through the years. Her deep connection to different realms permeates her artwork, infusing it with a profound depth and meaning.

Her journey as an artist is a fascinating tale that began when she discovered her passion for photography at the age of 12. After graduating high school, she took a leap and flew to London for the first time with a one way ticket, where she faced both challenges and incredible opportunities.

London became the backdrop for her growth as an artist, as she worked with unexpected individuals and honed her skills in filmmaking and collaboration with other professionals.

Driven by her adventurous spirit, she travelled the world, immersing herself in diverse cultures and living in different countries. These experiences not only enriched her worldview but also became the wellspring of inspiration for her unique art.

After mastering portrait photography, her artistic evolution led her to create her powerful, transformative “Gold Codes” pieces. Each artwork reflects her understanding of mystical cultures and the profound influence of her lived experiences.

Beyond her artistic skills, Gerda possesses a unique ability to tune into others’ internal state and transform energies effortlessly. Her intuitive nature translates onto canvas, allowing her art to resonate deeply with those who experience it.


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