UAE fuel prices for month of February 2023

The fuel price committee adjusts diesel and petrol rates at the end of every month

by Staff Reporter
UAE fuel prices for February 2023.

The UAE fuel price committee has announced diesel and petrol prices for February 2023.

Super 98 petrol will cost Dhs3.05 a litre, compared to Dhs2.78 last month.

Special 95 petrol will cost Dhs2.93 per litre, compared to Dhs2.67 in January.

E-Plus 91 petrol will be charged at Dhs2.86 a litre in the UAE, compared to Dhs2.59 a litre last month.

Diesel will cost Dh3.38 a litre compared to Dhs3.29 in January.

To align with global rates and following the deregulation of prices in 2015, the fuel price committee adjusts diesel and petrol rates in the UAE at the end of every month.

The committee reduced prices for December 2022 and January 2023 due to falling oil prices resulting from the economic slowdown and recession concerns.

The UAE’s diesel and petrol prices are among the most economical in the world.

In January, Super 98 decreased by Dhs0.52 to Dhs2.78 per liter, Special 95 dropped by Dhs0.51 to Dhs2.67, and E-plus 91 reduced to Dhs2.59.

Last year, high oil prices were seen globally, including in the UAE, due to the Russian-Ukraine conflict, causing fuel prices to reach record highs in July, with Super 98 at Dhs4.63 per liter and Special 95 at Dhs4.52 per liter.

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