TruKKer launches freight forwarding company Omnilog

by Staff Reporter
TruKKer launches freight forwarding company Omnilog

TruKKer, renowned for its unparalleled expertise in land logistics across 10 markets in the Middle East, Turkey & Eastern Europe, unveiled its latest venture – Omnilog, an integrated freight forwarding company.

The launch marks a strategic expansion of TruKKer’s capabilities, leveraging its robust experience in hauling for the major enterprises. Powering over 1,200 large-scale enterprise clients with MENA’s largest land freight ecosystem, TruKKer’s evolution into Omnilog signifies a remarkable augmentation of services, serving as a beacon of holistic logistics solutions and services.

Omnilog emerges as a seamless and integrated freight forwarding solution, aimed to connect major trade lanes in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The company is poised to facilitate consolidated, value-creating offers for clients seeking efficiency and reliability in their global trade endeavors.

Omnilog’s key features and services

Multi-Modal Freight Solutions

Omnilog caters to diverse shipping needs with a comprehensive range of multi-modal transportation options. From swift air freight to cost-effective sea freight and efficient land freight, the company ensures flexibility tailored to client requirements. The services are live across the markets of UAE, KSA, and Turkey with plans for wider regional expansion.

Sustainability at the Core

As a responsible global player, Omnilog prioritizes sustainability. The company is committed to investing in eco-friendly practices, ensuring its operations align with environmental consciousness.

End-to-End Logistics Expertise

Omnilog’s wealth of knowledge in end-to-end logistics solutions stems from its seasoned leaders – Omnilog aims to revolutionize global trade by seamlessly connecting major trading lanes empowering businesses worldwide with simplicity and reliability.

Strategic Expansion and Industry Impact

Omnilog benefits from TruKKer’s established presence and robust network, promising an impactful entry into the freight forwarding sector. The company aims to set new industry standards by combining technological innovation, sustainable practices, and a client-centric approach.

Ingo Kloepper, Managing Director at Omnilog, expressed, “Omnilog is the next evolution of integrated logistics services, a visionary expansion of TruKKer, the region’s leading freight ecosystem. With a strong international framework and elevated service levels, Omnilog is poised to rewire global connectivity, making supply chains more reactive and real-time.”

Gaurav Biswas, Founder & CEO of TruKKer, stated, “TruKKer has gained strong market leadership in scale and reliability, powered by a digital freight network. Following our success with land freight, it is imminent that we focus on more consolidated services for our clients. We are excited to launch air and sea freight services with OmniLog and wish the best to the team.”

Muataz Alsafi, CDO, TruKKer, added, “Beyond our established land freight capacities, Omnilog, our freight forwarding entity, marks a dynamic expansion. This strategic evolution enhances our connectivity between the East and MENA regions, elevating our network to assume new responsibilities and become innately flexible.”

Hakan Arikan, Regional MD and Exec Committee member quoted, “TruKKer’s expansion in Turkey and its trading markets has been rapid over the last two to three years. Turkey is an industrial economy and a hub for international freight transit. Omnilog is enabling our teams to offer complementary services to address their supply chain needs and challenges.”

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