Top 3 real estate investment projects in Dubai for 2023

The Palm's market has seen a growth of 47% this year alone

by Staff Reporter
Top 3 real estate investment projects in Dubai for 2023

Realiste, the trailblazer in artificial intelligence within the UAE’s real estate sector, has announced the top three investment projects in Dubai for 2023, derived from in-depth analysis by their AI-driven platform, “Index.”

These projects offer promising returns and secure investments for discerning investors.

Realiste’s AI provides a forecast for the next three years for three projects now under development in Dubai. Here, we have two projects that are on the luxurious side and one that is on the more budget-friendly side but still offers a tremendous ROI.

URL Infinity by Omniyat, a luxurious development at the coveted Palm Jumeirah, stands out as a prime investment. The project, boasting 20 opulent duplexes priced between Dhs2,000-66,600 per square foot, promises potential profits of 20-30% annually on capital invested.

Realiste’s Index

According to data generated by Realiste’s Index, the Palm’s market has seen a growth of 47% this year alone, and it’s projected to incrementally grow by 20% over the next three years. A solid investment, URL Infinity provides a safe harbor for investors’ capital, albeit with less liquidity.

Palm Jumeirah properties

The Como Residence project by Nakheel, also nestled in Palm Jumeirah, emerges as a prime contender for ultra-luxury investments. Each floor of this development hosts a single, exclusive apartment offering panoramic island and downtown views. With a refundable launch deposit of Dhs5 million, the potential profit for investors is predicted to be significant over a three to five-year period.

Realiste’s Index analysis shows strong investment potential, with property value growth predicted at 50% or more within the next three years. Limited construction space in the area underscores the project’s appeal, making it a sought-after luxury property.

Lastly, Domakla Guntz, a large-scale project featuring a multitude of townhouses and impressive views, rounds off the top three. With townhouses priced at an average of Dhs2.5 million, potential profits are estimated at around 30% over a three-year period.

Dubai’s property market

“As Dubai’s property market continues to flourish, Realiste remains committed to providing cutting-edge analysis and innovative solutions to help investors navigate the market and make profitable investments.

“Our AI-powered platform, Index, is instrumental in guiding these decisions,” stated Alex Galtsev, the founder and CEO of Realiste.

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