Sobha Group announces Sobha Furniture’s factory at Dubai Industrial City

by Staff Reporter
Sobha Group announces Sobha Furniture’s factory at Dubai Industrial City

Sobha Group, a leading global luxury real estate developer, announced setting up Sobha Furniture’s second factory by signing a land lease agreement with Dubai Industrial City (DIC), the region’s leading industrial hub, to build a facility approximately valued at Dhs450million. The state-of-the-art factory is set to be the largest fully automated facilities in UAE.

The new facility marks a significant advancement for Sobha Group, as they began in 1976 as a furniture-making and interior designing business in Oman, it has the deep-rooted expertise within the industry. With such a rich history and legacy, establishing Sobha Furniture’s factory in Dubai Industrial City isn’t just a new venture, it’s a continuation of our longstanding commitment to excellence.

By integrating cutting-edge technologies, the developer seeks to build the largest and completely automated factory in the UAE, demonstrating their commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the sector. The factory, located across an 84,000 sq.m land plot with a built-up area of 50,000 sq.m, will manufacture a range of products including sofas, seats, armchairs, chairs, beds, car and airplane seats, assembled and flat-pack cabinets for the local market and for export customers.

In line with the relentless efforts of the UAE and Dubai to reinforce the local industrial sector through initiatives such as “Make it In the Emirates” which promotes a holistic environment, Sobha Group has selected Dubai Industrial City as its preferred location to set up this factory.

Through the new facility, which represents a step towards further vertical integration within the real estate group, Sobha Furniture plans to serve medium- and high-segment customers who value high-quality and ethically manufactured products by eliminating the need for imports, helping to reduce lead times, and cut transportation costs and emissions.

PNC Menon, Founder and Chairman of Sobha Group, said: “Sobha Group remains committed to consistently enriching the local economy by offering high-value products and services in the UAE and beyond. Sobha Furniture at Dubai Industrial City will contribute to Dubai’s and the UAE’s manufacturing landscape in the years to come, and we are proud to expand Sobha Group’s legacy of adding value to change lives for the better.”

Carlo Magistretti, CEO of Sobha Furniture, said, “We are proud to announce the launch of Sobha Furniture’s factory as our groundbreaking investment in the UAE’s industrial landscape. With this factory we aim to not only meet but exceed global standards of high-quality, luxury furniture manufacturing. This significant investment underscores our commitment to innovation, quality, and contributing to the growth of the local economy.”

The factory will be equipped with advanced technologies and machinery to enable high levels of customisation as well as ensure optimal production capacities are steadily maintained. Its location within Dubai Industrial City will also enable synergies with Sobha Furniture’s existing facility in KEZAD in Abu Dhabi, adding to the group’s competitive edge by allowing optimised production capabilities and catering to a broader market more effectively.

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