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Sennheiser announces success of its 3rd annual workshop for musicians

by Staff Reporter
Sennheiser announces success of its 3rd annual workshop for musicians

Sennheiser’s Sunset Soiree, organized in association with Melody House and with support from Last Seen Live, the Fridge and Craft by Merlin, was celebrated as the most unique event for musicians this year.

BlaBla Dubai vibrated with melodies, rhythm, and style as a fusion of sound created by artists in the city jamming together brought life to a fun-filled evening.

Sennheiser’s Sunset Soirée had more than 50 musicians from varied genres and backgrounds jamming together, testing audio equipment, and learning in sync. The result was a melee of melodious music in a fun-filled setting and the discovery of the right gear, the most suitable equipment along with deals from Sennheiser, Melody House, Barcoe Studio, Last Seen Live, the Fridge entertainment and Craft by Merlin.

Innovative Techniques and Technologies

Musicians had the unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge microphone technologies and innovative live performance techniques, providing them with valuable insights to enhance their craft. There are few opportunities in the UAE where audio experts, official distributors, studio owners and artists can meet and interact exploring the best sound for live performance.

Sunset Soiree is just such an event where learning mixes with pleasure as Sennheiser Qualified Audio professionals provide hands-on training with Sennheiser and Neumann Microphones, live performance monitoring systems and the latest generation of wireless microphone technology.

The workshop consisted of a hands-on demo with Sennheiser EW-D and EW-DX wireless microphone systems with every conceivable microphone capsule, Neumann’s MCM miniature clip mic system, the renowned KMS 104 handheld, the new MT 48 audio interface, and NDH 20 monitoring headphones to demonstrate the evolution of the industry, and highlight the value of the right gear for artists.

Hands-On Learning and Expert Guidance

The evening featured a product presentation by the Technical Applications & Engineering team at Sennheiser Middle East, Ryan Burr and Fadi Costantine. Ryan Burr, Head of Technical Sales & Application Engineering, Professional Audio at Sennheiser Middle East, says, “This year was the 3rd edition of Sunset Soiree for musicians. We didn’t just amplify sound; we amplified creativity, inspiration, and the power of music. It’s not just about manufacturing audio equipment, it’s about empowering the voices that shape our world.”

“Sunset Soiree is a live workshop that gives both aspiring and established artists the opportunity to explore and understand the technical aspects of live sound and how they can benefit from working with Sennheiser equipment and training.  Our team members and resellers were on hand at the Sunset Soiree to extend any support needed by the artist.”


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