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Tell stories closer to your hearts, says Emirati filmmaker Al Dhaheri at Xposure 2024

by Staff Reporter
Emirati filmmaker Al Dhaheri

Speaking at the Xposure International Photography Festival (Xposure 2024), on its inaugural day, acclaimed Emirati filmmaker and visionary Mansoor Al Dhaheri, urged young content creators and filmmakers in the UAE and the region to wield innovation and technology to produce authentic stories that reflect the rich culture of the region, rather than imitating the themes of narratives produced globally.

‘My Career Journey’

Leading a session titled “My Career Journey,” the homegrown filmmaker, known for his impactful storytelling and significant contributions to the UAE’s cinematic landscape, also offered a detailed account of his journey in cinema making and his vision for the future.

Highlighting the essence of innovation in content creation, Al Dhaheri said: “Content creators should harness the latest technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and tailor them to their needs. It will save time and resources.”

“You need to strive and try again until you reach your goal,” he stressed, advising young creators to embrace rejection as a stepping stone and persist in their endeavours.

With 17 years of experience in the industry, Dhaheri passionately advocated for authenticity and employing cultural identity in content creation. He argued against the inclination to mimic others, particularly emphasising the rich potential within Arab and Emirati culture.

“We can generate innovative and original content from our surrounding culture that can resonate in the region,” he said, highlighting the international recognition Middle Eastern content has begun to achieve on global streaming platforms.

potential of local and regional stories

Delving deeper into the significance of cultural authenticity, Al Dhaheri underscored the untapped potential of local and regional stories, and the profound impact they can have on global audiences. He discussed how embracing one’s cultural heritage and identity in content creation not only enriches the narrative landscape but also fosters a deeper connection with audiences worldwide.

During the session, the Emirati filmmaker shed light on the growing film industry in the country and the UAE’s pioneering role in the cinematic world. With the UAE hosting the production of numerous well-known films, he underscored the importance of collaboration and specialisation within the creative sectors to unlock the vast potential of the region.

He concluded the session with a call to action for emerging talents, emphasising the significance of staying true to one’s roots while leveraging global platforms to share universally appealing narratives.


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