Russian expat woman dies two days after embracing Islam in Sharjah

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Russian expat woman dies two days after embracing Islam in Sharjah

Liodmila Shtshebynia, a 62-year-old Russian expatriate, tragically passed away in the UAE just two days after embracing Islam. With no immediate family in the country, her untimely death prompted a heartfelt plea on the Instagram account @Janaza_UAE, urging the community to stand as her “sons and brothers” during her funeral.

The somber ceremony took place during Maghrib prayers on Monday at the Al Shahaba mosque in Sharjah.

@Janaza_UAE, managed by Abdulla Hussain Almarzooqi for the past decade, serves as a vital platform for announcing funerals across the UAE. With a substantial following of approximately 283,000 on X and 70,000 on Instagram, Almarzooqi ensures that no individual is laid to rest without the solace of prayers.

Following the post by @Janaza_UAE, messages swiftly circulated on various social media platforms, rallying residents to attend the Janazah (funeral) prayer, highlighting the community’s solidarity during times of loss.

The news of Shtshebynia’s passing resonated deeply, drawing condolences from thousands of social media users.

Sadly, Shtshebynia’s case is not an isolated incident in the UAE. Earlier in March, Daria Kotsarenko, a 29-year-old Dubai resident, also passed away shortly after her conversion to Islam. Her sudden demise, attributed to a heart attack, saw hundreds gather to bid her farewell.

These instances underscore the profound sense of community and compassion that binds residents together in times of grief, reflecting the diverse tapestry of the UAE’s populace.

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