Ramadan moon sighted in UAE and Saudi Arabia

by Staff Reporter
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Eid Al Fitr expected date in UAE is April 10
The UAE’s Moon-sighting Committee announced that  Monday, the  March 11, 2024, will be the first day of  the holy month of Ramadan and that Sunday, is the last day of Sha’ban.
The crescent moon has also been sighted in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Ramadan 2024 will begin on Monday.
According to the Saudi Supreme Court, the crescent was spotted on Sunday evening, which also marks the last day of Islamic month Sha’ban.

Earlier, in an official announcement Australia has declared that Monday will mark first day of Ramadan 2024 for the country.

The decision was made by the Grand Mufti of Australia in collaboration with the Federal Council of Imams, the Australian Fatwa Council, and the Council of Fatwa and Sharia Arbitration.


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