First day of Ramadan announced in Australia

by Staff Reporter
Ramadan 2024 date in UAE

In an official announcement Australia has declared that Monday will mark first day of Ramadan 2024 for the country.

The decision was made by the Grand Mufti of Australia in collaboration with the Federal Council of Imams, the Australian Fatwa Council, and the Council of Fatwa and Sharia Arbitration.

The announcement comes as Australia, situated in the eastern hemisphere, often leads in commencing Islamic lunar months due to its unique geographical position and the visibility of the moon relative to its territory.

Notably, Australia’s early declaration sets it apart from the Arab world, where moon-sighting committees are scheduled to convene on Sunday (today) after the Maghreb prayers.

These committees will observe the crescent moon, traditionally signaling the start of Ramadan for many countries in the Arab region.

As the global Muslim community eagerly awaits the onset of this holy month, the disparity in sighting the moon highlights the diversity of traditions and practices across different regions.

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