NORDEK unveils plans for the next billion blockchain and crypto users

by Staff Reporter
NORDEK unveils plans for the next billion blockchain and crypto users

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 digital transactions, NORDEK stands out as a transformative force, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional Web2 payment systems and the innovative possibilities of Web3.

At the core of NORDEK’s success is its ecosystem approach, which integrates a comprehensive suite of Web3 payments solutions designed to cater to both businesses and consumers. This approach not only simplifies the transition to blockchain technology for mainstream users but also enhances transaction efficiency with fast, almost zero cost, and secure blockchain solutions.

By fostering a versatile ecosystem that supports instant swaps of digital assets and offers a robust digital rewards platform, NORDEK is pioneering a new era of financial inclusivity and technological empowerment, setting a new standard for digital economies worldwide.

NORDEK, co-founded by Mr. Kashyap and Mr. Kishor, was started in early 2023 with one simple objective: bring the next billion users onto the blockchain. This could have only been achieved by providing an experience which is as close to Web2 payments that consumers and businesses have. This could have only been achieved by having an own payment focused blockchain, which offers almost zero gas fee and enabling the experiences by introducing a suite of CeDeFi and DeFi applications.

Over the last year, NORDEK has launched solutions for businesses and consumers alike, which falls into the two categories of CeDeFi and DeFi. Solutions in CeDeFi include the likes of Norpay, TapPay, Next Bank and Rover Finance. Solutions in DeFi include launchpad, dex, customized toolkit for wallet and more.


Norpay is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrencies are used for everyday transactions. With its expansive global reach across 170 countries and acceptance by 42 million merchants, NorPay enables users to spend their crypto seamlessly for shopping, dining, travel, and more. The platform offers both physical and virtual cards, compatible with major networks facilitating instant crypto conversions without the need for traditional currency exchanges. NorPay simplifies crypto transactions, making them as straightforward as fiat spending, and supports widespread crypto adoption through practical, real-world applications.

Norpay does this by aggregating different service providers.


TapPay, powered by NORDEK Blockchain, is redefining the ease of transactions by merging the innovation of Web3 with the convenience of Web2. This all-in-one payment platform facilitates simple and instantaneous crypto transactions, supports seamless fiat and crypto conversions, and offers a zero-fee model to encourage wider crypto adoption.

TapPay features include instant payment settlements, the use of TapID for straightforward transactions, and 24/7 accessibility, making it an ideal solution for both businesses and individuals. Users can pay and receive payments through a simple scan and pay method, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of digital transactions.

Next Bank is set to redefine personal and business banking with its cutting-edge NFT based digital banking platform. Promising a blend of security, efficiency, and user-friendliness, Next

Bank offers a suite of financial services including savings accounts, personal loans, and investment options tailored to meet the modern customer’s needs.

The platform is designed to ensure that users can manage their crypto and fiat finances effortlessly, anytime and anywhere, reinforcing its mission to provide innovative financial solutions that keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.

Rover Finance

Rover Finance is transforming Web3 business finances with its seamless crypto payments protocol. This platform offers comprehensive solutions for payroll, invoicing, and bookkeeping, all compliant across multiple jurisdictions for Web3 native businesses. With Rover, transactions can be automated and streamed by the second, directly to bank accounts or wallets, facilitating real-time financial management. The service is designed to support decentralized organizations by simplifying complex financial operations, ensuring compliance, and enhancing efficiency across borders.

NORDEK Finnovate Developer Grants Program

The NORDEK FINNOVATE Grants Program is a 10 Million Dollars grants program, designed to foster innovation within the NORDEK ecosystem by supporting projects that align with NORDEK’s mission to enhance blockchain technology adoption. The program offers grants to early-stage products and companies, providing them with financial support, technical assistance, and market exposure. It prioritizes MVP creation, community building, marketing, and fundraising, helping promising projects scale from ideation through growth stages and onto other platforms.

NORDEK Genesis Education Program

The NORDEK Genesis Program is designed to kickstart the most promising early-stage blockchain projects at university level. This initiative focuses on providing comprehensive support to startups, helping them from conceptualization to launch. The program offers technical guidance, financial backing, and market entry strategies to ensure these ventures can scale effectively and sustainably within the NORDEK ecosystem.

This strategic investment in new projects is part of NORDEK’s broader vision to drive innovation and adoption in the blockchain space at grassroots level. NORDEK Genesis has already covered over 80 universities and educational institutions in the Indian subcontinent, and aims to expand to globally in the coming years.

Journey So Far

NORDEK began as a visionary startup aiming to bridge the worlds of Web2 and Web3 through innovative blockchain solutions. Its journey has been marked by significant advancements and expansion into various sectors, including payment systems, Dapp ecosystem, developer grants program and sustainability initiatives.

With platforms like TapPay, Rover Finance, NextBank and NorPay, NORDEK has simplified crypto transactions for global users, promoting broader adoption of digital currencies.

The introduction of the NORDEK FINNOVATE Grants Program further underscores its commitment to fostering innovation by supporting emerging projects in the blockchain space.

As NORDEK continues to grow, it remains at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology with real-world applications, driving forward a new era of digital transformation.

Plans For The Future

Looking ahead, NORDEK plans to deepen its integration of blockchain technology across more sectors, emphasizing sustainability and expanded financial services. Future initiatives include enhancing the NORDEK Green program with more environmental projects, launching advanced features for the TapPay and NorPay platforms to facilitate broader crypto use, and increasing the capacity and support offered by the NORDEK FINNOVATE Grants Program.

This strategy aims to solidify NORDEK’s role as a leader in the Web3 revolution, promoting a more interconnected and technologically advanced future.

NORDEK, over the last one year, has clearly aimed to focus on NORDEK Labs which helps entrepreneurs and builders come up with innovative solutions in two categories: CeDeFi and DeFi, helping companies in this get access to wide markets across geographies and cater to consumers of all scale and sizes. This includes small, medium and large businesses as well as starter to savvy Web3 consumers.

NORDEK aims to offer ZK and AI focused solutions in the coming months which cater to ever evolving consumer demands and also foray into payment stack which supports every EVM Blockchain to access the new crypto audience.

NORDEK also aims to have labs focused on blockchain innovation affiliated with universities to provide education which leads to faster adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology.

“As NORDEK strides into the future, we are deeply committed to expanding our role as a catalyst in the blockchain domain, leveraging our comprehensive suite of solutions to bridge the existing gaps between traditional financial systems and the evolving digital landscape.

“We continue to innovate and evolve, fostering sustainability, inclusivity, and efficiency. Our journey ahead is filled with promising advancements, strategic partnerships, and groundbreaking projects that will not only enhance our ecosystem but also redefine the possibilities within the blockchain space. We thank our community, partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support and enthusiasm as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.”


Mr. Kishor, Co-founder of NORDEK, emphasizes the company’s strategic vision, stating, “Our commitment to broadening blockchain adoption and expansion remains steadfast. As we continue to innovate and drive forward, our focus is on enhancing our technological capabilities to ensure that NORDEK’s solutions are accessible and beneficial to a global audience. We are excited about the possibilities this will unlock, not just for businesses but for communities worldwide. Thank you for joining us on this transformative journey.”

Mr. Kashyap, Co-founder & CEO of NORDEK, reflects on the company’s commitment to technological advancement, stating, “At NORDEK, we are dedicated to pioneering the next wave of technological innovation. Our focus is not just on developing cutting-edge solutions but also on empowering developers and ecosystem partners to harness the full potential of blockchain technology. We are excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to providing the tools and support needed to drive real, impactful change.”

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