Supersonic Imagine launches its new software upgrade MACH V4.2

by Staff Reporter
Supersonic Imagine

Supersonic Imagine, a pioneer in multi-parametric ultrasound imaging, has announced the release of the MACH V4.2 software upgrade, a pivotal advancement in diagnostic capabilities.

Part of the renowned MACH series, this upgrade sets a new standard in ultrasound technology, offering practitioners and patients unparalleled breakthroughs in disease diagnosis and management.

Built on UltraFast® Imaging technology, which boosts imaging frame rates by up to 20,000 frames per second compared to conventional systems, MACH V4.2 enhances both conventional ultrasound imaging and real-time quantitative mapping of tissue viscoelastic properties.

This allows for precise quantification of clinical parameters such as fibrosis and fat content across various medical disciplines including radiology, hepatology, MSK sports, urology, pediatrics, vascular, GYN, and research applications.

Key features of the MACH V4.2 software upgrade include enhanced image quality with significant improvements in B-mode imaging across multiple clinical applications, ensuring clearer and more detailed images for precise diagnostics. The upgrade also introduces new attenuation (Att PL.U.S.) biomarker for liver steatosis assessment, a basic echocardiography package, and enhanced user experience through new accessories like flex transducer cable stand, 3-pedal footswitch, and biopsy kit. Automated protocols and customizable reporting solutions streamline workflow, while advanced diagnostic tools and functionalities ensure faster and more accurate diagnostics.

“We are excited to introduce the MACH V4.2 software upgrade, which represents a significant advancement in ultrasound technology,” said Sandeep Wadhwa, CEO at Supersonic Imagine. “These enhancements underscore our commitment to innovation and improving patient care through advanced diagnostic capabilities.”

Hari Kaimal, President Strategy and Development at Supersonic Imagine, emphasized, “The MACH V4.2 software upgrade marks a milestone in our journey to redefine ultrasound imaging. By integrating cutting-edge technology with clinical expertise, we continue to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver superior patient care.”

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