Japan ANA flight turns back due to cockpit window crack

by Staff Reporter
Japan ANA flight turns back due to cockpit window crack

In a recent incident, a domestic flight operated by Japan’s All Nippon Airways was forced to return to its departure airport due to the discovery of a crack on the cockpit window of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft midair.

All Nippon Airways heads back to Sapporo-New Chitose airport

According to an airline spokesperson, Flight 1182 was originally headed to Toyama airport but had to divert back to Sapporo-New Chitose airport after the crack was identified on the outermost layer of the cockpit’s four windows. Fortunately, all 59 passengers and six crew members on board were unharmed.

It’s noteworthy that the affected aircraft was not one of Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 airplanes, which have recently been under scrutiny following an incident where a cabin panel broke off a new Alaska Airlines jet during a flight last week.

The ANA spokesperson clarified that the identified crack did not impact the flight’s control or pressurization systems. Meanwhile, the US aviation regulator has taken decisive action by extending the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes indefinitely for additional safety checks. Furthermore, increased oversight measures on Boeing itself have been announced to ensure enhanced safety protocols.


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