flydubai internship programme: Who qualifies and how to apply

by Tanvir Awan
lydubai's REACH – Internship Engagement Programme

flydubai, a Dubai-based airline, has introduced its REACH – Internship Engagement Programme, a dynamic initiative aimed at offering young talents an exceptional opportunity for professional development.

The flydubai internship programme is designed to empower participants to achieve their goals, enhance their competencies, and gain hands-on experience in a real-world work environment.

flydubai internship programme for young talent looking for jobs

Participants in the REACH programme are given the unique chance to immerse themselves in flydubai’s diverse and determined workforce, working on real projects right from day one.

The programme encourages interns to exceed their goals, fostering personal growth while contributing to the airline’s mission. flydubai, known for being dynamic, effective, reliable, and human-centered airline, believes that each intern embodies these qualities and more.

Internship opportunities in various departments

flydubai opens its doors to a wide range of internship opportunities in various departments, irrespective of educational background or experience level.

The airline is looking for individuals who possess the following qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills, along with proficiency in MS Office.
  • Motivated and talented individuals who consistently give their best.
  • Problem-solving proficiency, able to tackle various challenges with ease.

Basic Requirements

  • A valid UAE residence visa with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Willingness to commit to a minimum three-month unpaid internship.

Extra Points for:

  • Fluency in languages other than English.
  • A passion for the aviation industry.
  • The ability to craft a paper airplane in under 10 seconds.

If you meet these criteria, flydubai welcomes you to join their team of dynamic professionals.

Application Process

To become part of the Flydubai family, candidates must complete a straightforward application process:

Online Application

Begin by creating your candidate profile on the career site. Fill in all required information, and upload your resume and relevant documents. This is your opportunity to showcase your qualifications and express your enthusiasm for joining flydubai.

Online Assessment Test

Qualified candidates will be invited to take a series of online ability tests. These assessments are related to work behaviour, logical thinking, numeracy, and verbal reasoning. It’s a chance for the airline to understand your potential and capabilities.

Video Interview

Successful applicants will then be invited to participate in an on-demand video interview. Here, you’ll prerecord your responses to a list of set questions, providing the airline with a deeper understanding of your personality and aspirations.

Flydubai is excited to welcome aspiring professionals who are eager to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and achievement. If you’re ready to soar to new heights in your career, apply now and make your ambitions a reality with flydubai’s REACH – Internship Engagement Programme.

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